The legend of Crypto: Captain Will's journey

Dear journal,

ever since Crypto's rumor of him dying has spread, Rex has been a little paranoid. He didn't feel safe with Alex's untimely exit...

~Captain Will.

The Alpha Howl library presents...

The legend of Crypto

Captain Will's journey.

Chapter 1:


"Sir, the poison that I injected in Crypto seemed to work, it's only a matter of time before Crypto dies." Mason reported. Perfect, but still... do they have the cure?" Rex asked. "We don't know, sir." Mason said. Captain Will shook his head. "They most likely will." Will said. Rex turned angry. "So you're saying he is still alive?" Rex asked. "Yes-no- maybe... sir." Mason said. "Well then, don't bother reporting to me until you get reports of him dead." Rex said. "Yes, sir." Mason said.

Chapter 2:

In the distance

 "What do you make of it, commander?" A devil cat asked. "I don't know, but it's distant." Mason said. Both of the devil cats stood on the walls of Az'Jul, looking out to see a gray speck in t he distance. Will slithered over to Mason. "Whats the ruckus?" Will asked. "We see something out there." Mason said. Will pulled out a telescope from his pocket and stared through the telescope. "Its a wolf!" Will said. Mason smiled. "Alone?" Mason asked. "Yes." Will replied. "Good, lets attack." Mason ordered. Mason was about to jump off the wall but Will stopped him. "The wolf doesn't look like he's of any harm." Will said. "What?! have you gone insane?! thats what he... she... whatever, wants you to think!" Mason replied. Will growled. "Don't growl at your commander, Will." Mason threatened. "Sorry, but I'm serious, the wolf has a staff wrapped in moss and plants." Will reported. "What? why?!" Mason asked. "Well, like you said, it can be a bomb, or a whistle that may summon Ali'Kara." Will said. "Alright, surround this wolf and I'll kill him myself." Mason said.

The wolf was meditating while long grass surrounded him. Thousands of warrior-class devil cat surrounded the wolf and Mason approached the wolf and they met face-to-face. The wolf had his eyes closed but he didn't even open them. "Excuse me, wolf, I would like for you to open your eyes so that you can see your death!" Mason yelled. The wolf remained still. Mason drew out his claws and raised his right paw, and then slammed it on the wolf. But the wolf jumped back wards and casted a spell that pushed Mason back. "What?!" Mason asked. Every devil cat was then pushed back as well. "Why do you disturb my meditation?" The wolf asked. "They figured you a wolf from Op'Hille." Will replied. "So, because I'm a wolf, you decide to attack me?" The wolf asked. "Yeah, wolves and devil cats were always enemies, ever since Balro, ever since beyond Balro!" Mason said. "Well, I'm not going to get involved with your war... I'm just here to bring a message." The wolf said. "A message? who do you think you are?" Mason asked. "An Earth mother priest." The wolf said. Everyone then stood straight. "I already told Hunter in Op'Hille, but the message is more of a prophecy." The wolf said. Rex approached. "What is going on?!" Rex asked. "I come to bring a prophecy..." The wolf replied. "Spit it out!" Rex ordered. The wolf coughed. "When the ones who are paid are risen, the emerald wolf will revive, and he will take the throne." The wolf bowed. "I must be on my way." The wolf said. The wolf grabbed his staff and walked away.

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