Crypto one: begin the legend


"Come here, my son." An old wolf said to his son. His son was a mere pup, only a few months old. His son approached the old wolf and sat in front of him. "Son, I believe I should tell you a story that you should pass on through generations, as I am going to do for you." The old wolf said. "It begins in a dark cave, where two wolves were abandoned by their parents... those two wolves fell in love with each other and gave birth to a very rare wolf... can you guess?" The old wolf asked. "A...  blue highborn?" The pup guessed. The old wolf chuckled. "Close, an emerald wolf." The old man hesitated before proceeding with his story. "Hunter, the son of the king, Ned. Immediately went to see this emerald wolf... but right when he got there... a terrible sight was there..." The old wolf coughed and continued. "...This is the story... of Crypto."

The Alpha Howl library presents:

The legend of Crypto


Chapter 1:

The beginning of the legend.


"Captain Rex sir! We are ready to raid the cave, but why are we raiding it again, sir?" The devil cat asked. "Because, there is a rare wolf in there, and I want to end it, before it causes any trouble!" Rex replied. Rex ordered his men into the cave. These rare wolves are called Emerald wolves. The wolves spreaded a rumor of this... But I was able to hear it... Said Rex. Rex gently laughed. "This'll be quick..." Rex whispered. Rex's devil cats chained up the parents...  "You can't do this, Rex!" The father cried. Rex laughed., throwing his head back then back down at the two hostages. "I'm afraid your words won't save you..." Said Rex. Rex pulled out his claws, "do you want it to be quick?" Asked Rex.


Chapter 2:

Going back

Rex went into the cave... "Come out, young one. I won't hurt you..." Rex lied. Crypto just hid in place... "Your parents stole you when you were young. I came back, to get you back." Rex lied again. Young Crypto trusted him. So, he just peeked out of hiding and went in the open. "There you are young one... Or shall I say, "Crypto"." Said Rex. Young Crypto nodded. "How old are you?" Asked Rex. Young Crypto just held up one finger.  "One year old? you look a little short for a year old." Rex said. Crypto shook his head, saying he was wrong. "A month old?" Rex guessed. Young Crypto nodded.  "That is a lot more then the last Emerald wolf." Said Rex. Rex was a huge devil cat. The size of a bear in fact. Young Crypto right now is only as small as a human's knee-cap. "Come young one. There is a lot of talking to do, let us go home, young Crypto." Said Rex. When Rex and young Crypto got out. All the devil cats raised there claws, ready to strike the young emerald pup. Young Crypto hid behind Rex's leg. "Stand down my fellow devil cats... Theres been a change of plans." Said Rex. "But sir! You ordered us to kill the emerald wolf." The devil cat said. "I said, theres been a change of plans... This emerald wolf is, in fact, a special one... And this time... I bet he isn't like the other one..." Rex replied, glancing at young Crypto. "Get us out of here!" Rex yelled. The devil cats pulled out an earth devil tank. Rex and young Crypto got on. The earth tank led back to the devil cat base of Azjul.

A pup watched as Crypto got pup napped. And he could've chased him... but he was too short, too weak, and too slow... but theres now nothing he can do... all he can do is just stare.... stare as Crypto headed towards an unsuspecting fate.


Chapter 3: 

Growing without knowing.


"Welcome to Az'jul, Crypto. The home to all devil cats throughout what the humans used to call "Canada" also the base for army cats." Rex explained. Crypto smiled, having to think that this was his home. This was easier then I thought. Rex thought. Rex introduced Crypto to his new home. "You'll be staying here. This was your home, until the wolves kidnapped you, now, this room will be all to yourself." Rex lied. Crypto was very happy here, there was two cots, one on each side of the tent as you walked in. "Captain Will!"  Yelled Rex. Out of a tent came a blood snake with a scar under his left eye and an eye patch on the right eye, he looked buff and was certainly taller then Rex. Captain Will slithered towards Rex. "Yes commander Rex?" Asked Will. "Why do you always mistaken my rank?" Asked Rex, glancing toward Crypto. "Anyway, show Crypto his little room mate." Rex ordered. Crypto raised an eyebrow, thinking Rex's words... 'This room is all to yourself'. "Do not be depressed Crypto, this room mate is not that bad, he has good behavior." Said Rex. Crypto felt a little better since Rex said that. Captain Will bowed before Rex for a minute and left. Rex smiled. Captain Will  left with a young devil cat following him. "His name is Mason... He is the same age as you, a month old." Said Rex. The little devil cat approached Crypto. "His name is Crypto, Mason." Said Rex. Mason smiled at Crypto and nodded. Crypto nodded back. It was starting to get dark. So Crypto threw himself on the cot and fell asleep. "Good night, young Crypto." Rex wished. Rex went over to his tent and fell asleep himself.


Chapter 4:

Training and testing.

Crypto and Mason woke up, the sunlight shined brightly upon there faces, "today's the day, Crypto." Said Mason. Crypto glanced at Mason with a good smile. "I know." Replied Crypto. They both got out of bed and rushed toward Rex. "There you are." Said Rex. Two devil cats approached Rex. One with a purple pelt and red eyes, his name was Jack. The other one had an orange pelt with dark red eyes, and his name was Alex. Rex spoke out. "Alright, You four are about the age to be trained." Said Rex. Crypto was excited. "In order to survive the field of battle, you must be swift and strong." Said Rex. Rex grabbed a cage with a mouse in it. "Lets see your swiftness." Said Rex. Rex released the mouse. After Rex released the mouse, the mouse fled from Rex and passed by Mason's feet. The four stared at the mouse and then Rex. "Well?" Asked Rex, sharply. Crypto, Mason, and the other 2 started chasing the mouse around the base. Crypto shoved Alex into Jake and they both staggered and fell. "Hey!" Yelled the Alex. Mason was ahead of Crypto. Crypto started running faster and ran ahead of Mason. "See ya!" Crypto taunted. "You're such a fast hare." Mason replied. Crypto leaped towards the mouse and reached out his paw toward the mouse. "Gotcha!" Yelled Crypto Crypto tripped and rolled on the solid ground. He got up with several scratches and stickers. "Well, that was pretty... clumsy." Said Mason. "I agree." Said Crypto, breathing heavily. Crypto didn't even realize that mouse was stuck in his pas, just between the toes. Crypto smiled with pride and they headed back to Rex.

"You did well, Crypto." Said Rex. "Now that I'm two years old, I do feel well." Crypto said. "I can tell you'll be a very good devil cat warrior." Said Rex.  "Too bad I have to be a spy." Crypto sighed. "That's true." Said Rex. "Now, onward to the strength test." Said Rex. Rex and the others went into another test course. "Now, to test your strength." Said Rex. The four went in front of four target dummies.  "Lets see how fast you can destroy these dummies." Said Rex. The four trainees put on stances. "GO!" Yelled Rex. All four of them started attacking the dummies. Crypto started swiping, but he caused little damage, for he had no claws, instead, just paws. Mason was caused MASSIVE damage everytime he swiped at the dummies with his sharp claws. Mason finished first. Crypto finished last. "Very good Mason..." Said Rex. Crypto lowered his head. "Whats the matter, Crypto?" Asked Rex. "I don't even know why I can't destroy this dummy." Replied Crypto. "Don't get depressed, Crypto, not all devil cats have claws." Said Rex. Rex lowered his head to Mason. "Yes, they all do." Whispered Rex. Crypto didn't see Rex or hear him when he whispered. "Come on Crypto, you're a devil cat... Stand up!" Ordered Rex. Crypto raised his head and buffed out his chest. "Better, now, on to the next test." Said Rex. Rex and the other moved on to the next test.

The had four turrets, loaded with foam darts. "If you're trying to sneak into Op'hille, the wolves will always have turrets." Rex explained. "Such unorganized rodents." Murmured Crypto. "This is the test of senses." Said Rex. The four trainees put on stances. "GO!" Yelled Rex. The turrets didn't fire. Crypto started to hear a little clicking noise, it got a little louder overtime, then it sounded as if it were about to fire. All four of them dodged the turrets once they fired. "Good job." Said Rex. the foam darts stuck on a wall behind the four trainees, Rex gathered them up and put them all in a big clip that was connected to the turrets. All four of you make good dodgers... But be warned that mercenaries never miss." Said Rex. "What are mercenaries?" Asked Crypto. "Mercenaries are snakes, they are both enemy with us and wolves, don't know who they work for though." Rex replied.  "Oh." The four started moving on to the next test. Rex and the others moved on to the next test.

The next test was in a room, A large room.  "Lets see how you do on all tests combined." Rex said. In the middle of the room appeared a large wolf, way larger then Rex! "This ugly machine represents, Hunter, the battle leader of the wolves." Rex replied. All four of them put on battle stances. "Lets see if all those tests were worth it." Rex muttered. Rex went into a room and viewed us from a little window. "Ready? GO!" Yelled Rex. The machine started having gas coming from it, it raised its head and roared with anger. Fear started coming to Crypto and the others. The machine charged at them. All of them dodged. The machine glanced toward Mason. They all heard clicking sound coming from it, it got louder, and louder, then it charged. Mason dodged. The machine hit the wall, allowing it to become vulnerable. They all started hitting on it. The machine raised it's head and put up a blue shield. A screen went on a wall, it revealed the machine's health.


89% health


The machine roared with anger. turrets deployed from his body. The turrets aimed at Crypto and made a loud noise before firing. Crypto dodged just in time before getting hit by very sharp darts. The machine charged at Jack and it only succeeded into crashing into the wall. The shields vanished and Crypto, Mason, and the others started hitting it.


57% health 


The machine's engine started running again. It lifted it head and activated a green shield and it deployed turrets from it's body and fired at Mason, missed. It charged toward Crypto almost immediately. Crypto almost failed but he dodged on time. The machine crashed into the wall and the shields vanished.They all started hitting on the machine,


2%!- 1%!


The machine disabled itself and an intercom crackled. "Well done." Rex announced. Rex went downstairs to the young trainees. "Your courage yet overwhelms your fear." Rex complimented. "It does alright." Crypto muttered under his breath. "Now that you all have been trained, it's time to test." Said Rex. "I thought we already did the tests." Said Mason. "I meant the CLASS tests, these are just the general tests." Said Rex. "Oh." "Okay... Your test will be this: try to see if YOU can be enlisted as your chosen classes." Said Rex. Alex chuckled. "THAT'S THE TEST?" Jack asked. "Yes." replied Rex. "Okay." Said Crypto. "Don't you dare think it's that easy to enter, it took me eleven weeks to gratitude as warrior." Rex warned. Crypto swallowed. "Roger." Crypto said, a little nervously.

After walking for about... twelve minutes, they reached the recruitment building. "Finally." Mason sighed. All four of them went inside.

The inside of the building was full of Az'jul devil cat elites and six desks that had a sign over each them...

 Spy, warrior, necromancer, assassin, blood knight, and engineer.


"According to what Rex said to me, he said I'm suppose to be a spy." Crypto informed. "We all know." Said Mason. "Alex, what are you suppose to-" Crypto was interrupted by Jack. "I'm suppose to be a necromancer." Said Jack. "How about you Alex?" Asked Crypto. "Blood knight." Replied Alex. "Who would want to be a blood knight?" Asked Jack, laughing gently." Alex swiped at Jack. "Shut up." Demanded Alex. Jack backed off. We all ran to the desks. "I would like to enlist as a spy." Said Crypto. The desk clerk wrote a note down. "You sure?" Asked the desk clerk. "Yeah." Replied Crypto. "Fine, you're now a spy." Said the desk clerk. Crypto smiled.  "Stand still." The desk clerk ordered. The desk clerk casted a spell upon Crypto and to Crypto, everything flashed white.

Crypto was teleported into a room full of orange patterns on the walls. "How can it take Rex eleven weeks to enlist as warrior?" Crypto asked to himself.  "Because, the stuff in the warrior section is very hard." Rex replied through intercom. "Oh." Crypto walked over to a sign.


Level one spy.


The sign also pointed toward a chest. Crypto went toward a little chest. The pick lock was locked. I guess I'm suppose to lockpick this. Crypto looked around. There was another chest. A sign pointed at the chest.


Spy armor, tier one


There is probably something I can use in there. Crypto walked over to the chest and opened it. A lock pick was in it, plus, some black leather armor(which looked like wolf skin). Crypto equipped the armor and used the lock pick to open the little chest. It opened easily. In the chest was a little lever. Crypto pushed the lever in the chest and the next test opened. "Well done, once you passed seven tests, you get to leave, of course, there are more tests then seven, and you get more tiers if you pass the extras." Rex informed. "That's clever." Said Crypto. "Which is why it took me three weeks to pass these tests, I tried to get more armor in the warrior section." Said Rex. "I see." Said Crypto.



Mason was teleported into the warrior section. "Hmm... Whats this about?" Asked Mason, to himself. Mason looked around, there stood a chest. "Oh boy!" Cheered Mason. He went over to the chest. A sign pointed to the chest.


Warrior armor, tier one


Mason opened the chest, iron armor that shined and sparkled. Mason put on the armor. Mason went to the first test. A target stood there, a rail was underneath it. Mason tried to hit the target. The target slid to the left. Mason swiped at the target. Missed again. Mason got angry. But once he got angry, his armor turned red and started hitting for him. "Wha-?" Asked Mason. The armor seemed to control Mason, every attack kept hitting the target. "Very good, now don't forget, once you passed seven tests, you get to leave, of course, there are more tests then seven, and you get more tiers if you pass the extras." Said Rex. "Really?" Mason asked. "Yes, which is why it took me three weeks to pass these tests." Said Rex through a little speaker. Mason nodded.


Jack teleported and clumsily fell down after three seconds. "New record." Said Rex through speaker. "I'll say." Said Jack. Jack approached a chest. Jack's paws glowed purple and the chest opened. Revealing a purple robe (some rips and wrinkles) and a little hat with a point and skull. "Not bad, For a wolf." Said Jack. "Save your complaints for later. just do the tests you clumsy fool." Demanded Rex. Jack went over to the first test, watching every step he takes. The first test had a target, standing there without breathing. "This'll be easy." Said Jack. Jack's paws became purple, and then, he unleashed a furious force of purple lightning at the target. The target just vaporized.... Jack smiled and pulled a lever that was left from the target. "Excellent." Rex said.

Alex teleported in a red room. "Alright. hows my favorite devil cat gonna do?" Asked Rex, smiling with happiness. "I would rather die fighting the wolves." Said Alex. "I'll encourage you, anyway, your armor is in there." Said Rex. A chest. A sign pointed toward the chest.


Blood knight armor, tier one.


Alex opened the chest. There was red body armor (made out of iron) and an iron helmet (red). Alex put on the armor. "Not bad." Said Alex. "Lets see how you do." Said Rex, through the speaker. "No problem." Said Alex.  Alex walked up to the first test. A turret stood there. Alex raised an eyebrow. "A turret?" Asked Alex. The turret fired at Alex and the dart pierced his skin. "GAH!" Screamed Alex, in pain. Alex destroyed the turret with furiousity. Then casted a healing spell. "Well done Alex." Said Rex. "No problem, one little dart in the chest shouldn't do no harm at all." Said Alex. "I do hope you know that the other young ones are already ahead of you." Said Rex. "Then I'll beat them faster." Said Alex.




Chapter 4:

Enlisted within the army.

It took our four heroes two weeks to pass the seven tests, however, Crypto was the first to pass. But he had to wait for the others for two days.


Rex walked up to Crypto. "Excellent job, Crypto, I can tell you'll be a really good spy." Said Rex. Crypto saluted Rex with his chest slightly puffed out. Rex walked up to Mason. I can tell you are willing to die with those new claw sharpeners, you'll do great in battle." Rex encouraged. "A thousand thanks for you sir!" Said Mason. Rex walked up to Jack. "I can tell, with those powers, you'll no longer be a god of clumsiness. Said Rex. "I thank you gladly sir!" Said Jack, pounding his chest with his right paw. This was the salute used by all wolves, devil cats, snakes, and panthers. Rex then walked up to Alex. "I can tell you're willing to die in the battlefield, with your armor on, and your honor in your grip." Said Rex. "I'll never fail you, Rex." Said Alex. Rex saluted them all, the four young soldiers saluted back. "Dismissed." Rex ordered. the four soldiers marched off to there beds. It was getting dark. Rex went to his old tent and fell asleep. Once Crypto went into his old bed. He smiled, eager to spy upon the wolf base Op'hille.


Crypto ran toward the exit. "Get him!" Yelled a Op'Hille elite. Crypto kept running until he finally stopped at a dead end. He was cornered! Crypto looked back. The Op'hille elites slowly crept up on him, Crypto slowly walked back. "He stopped when he hit building behind him." The door was on the other side though. Crypto glanced everywhere. There was nothing he can do. The elites leaped toward Crypto. "AHH!"

Crypto woke up, throwing his head upward, he was sleeping on his stomach. Mason was already awake, staring at him with a smile. "Dang, I had a nightmare." Said Crypto.


Crypto told Mason the entire story, beginning to end. "Thats one heck of a nightmare." Said Mason, "good thing I still get to see you, right here." Said Crypto. "It might be the last." Said Mason. "Didn't I just say that?" Asked Crypto. Mason gently chuckled. "You did, indeed." Said Mason.  "They both equipped their armor and walked outside. "I hope you both had good dreams." Said Rex. "I did." Lied Crypto. "Good, cause Crypto, you'll be moving into Op'Hille." Said Rex. "WHAT?!" Asked Mason. "The wolves had found a sacred item, so sacred, It belonged to Pheonix himself." Said Rex. "Do you mean the fire god? He's just a myth." Said Alex. Crypto and Mason glanced at Jack and Alex. Approaching them. "Oh, Pheonix is real, alright, and he used to enslave us, devil cats, why do you think we're on Earth? struggling just to gain control over the wolves?" Rex asked. Mason remained silent for a little while then spoke. "Good point." Mason confessed. "We'll give Crypto some cover while he steals the eye of Pheonix." Said Rex. "Already? Wow." Said Crypto, astonished. "All of Az'jul depends on you and that eye, Crypto." Said Rex. "You can count on this devil cat." Said Crypto, saluting Rex. 


Ten hours later.


 It was getting dark, but the devil cats began the raid upon Op'Hille at dark. The wolves defended well, but they didn't realize Crypto sneaking by  to there base. Crypto went into the city with ease. "Okay, lets see here, the eye must be here somewhere..." Said Crypto. Crypto started to think, then he got an idea. Having to imagine all the devil cats building a statue of him in Az'jul, Crypto got an idea. Maybe, if I poison Hunter's drink, the war will end, and I'll be a hero! Thought Crypto. Crypto had several second thoughts... he doesn't even know what he, himself, looked like. Crypto decided to forget about that and pulled out a little jar of poison out from one of his armor pockets. "This willll do." Said Crypto. Crypto put the poison back in his pocket and went toward Hunter's house. Hunter is the king of the wolves of Op'Hille, he wasn't a coward sitting on his throne though, as a king, he said he was never afraid to die, he always wanted his son to take over his throne, so likely, Hunter TRIED to die, but he just never did. Crypto snuck into Hunter's house. Tables were everywhere. Crypto spotted Hunter's son, a little pup playing with his mother. Crypto imagined it as a disgusting sight. Crypto crept up to Hunter's room. Once he reached Hunter's room, he saw a cup of juice in the middle of the room. "Perfect." Crypto whispered, He tip toed to the cup and pulled out the jar of poison. Crypto chuckled. "Boy, this will show them who they're messing with." Said Crypto. Crypto tipped the jar of poison but it slipped out of his paw, "OPPS!" Yelled Crypto. The jar flooded Hunter's drink. All was silent now, but Crypto heard quick steps going up the stairs. Crypto leaped out of the window and perfectly landed and Crypto started to run. Elite Op'Hille guards saw him. "Get him!" Yelled a guard.  The guards started chasing Crypto. "No, no, no, no, no, no! Crypto panted, slightly rasping under his breath. He kept twisting and turning. Finally, Crypto stopped. A wall was blocking his path! He was cornered! "Oh no." Said Crypto, glancing back at the wolves of Op'Hille. The guards slowly crept up on Crypto. Crypto looked around. Nothing can help him. When the wolves leaped at Crypto. Mason leaped at one of the wolves, throwing the wolf to another wolf. "Mason!" Crypto exclaimed. Mason was to busy to reply. "You are no match." Said a wolf. More devil cats joined the party. "You were saying?" Asked Mason. "NOTHING!" replied the wolf. The wolves started running. "Come on Crypto, we need to find that eye." Said Mason. Crypto went forward, ahead of the devil cats. "I think the eye is in that temple ahead!" Yelled Crypto. A temple was ahead. Crypto ran ahead, once he saw a bunch of Op'Hille titans come out. Crypto stopped. The the titans were huge bears! they were growling and huffing. The titans stomped there paws on the earth. "We'll distract them." Said Mason. All the devil cats ran ahead. Crypto snuck along into the temple. "I hope they're alright. I just gotta get that eye." Said Crypto.

The temple was dark, but then, he saw the eye of Pheonix! "Alright!" Crypto exclaimed. Crypto approached it. The eye seemed to greet Crypto back. But once Crypto was about to reach for it. Hunter jumped in front of Crypto. "Looking for something?" Asked Hunter. Hunter was tall compared to Crypto, he had a yellowish pelt with green eyes, and a very buff chest. "That eye of Pheonix of yours, you little pup." Crypto insulted. Hunter chuckled. "You want it? Take it." Said Hunter. "What?" Crypto asked. "I said, you want? then take it." Hunter repeated himself. Crypto growled softly. "Okay." Said Crypto, raising an eyebrow. Crypto snatched the eye and ran, Crypto thought Hunter was gonna chase him. But Hunter stood there, not doing anything but staring at Crypto as he left.

Chapter 5:

The return to Az'Jul

After 6 hours of fighting the wolf titans, the devil cats returned to Az'Jul. Crypto walked up to Rex with the eye of Pheonix in his paw. Rex's jaw dropped. Crypto handed Rex the eye of Pheonix. Mason was behind Crypto. "It's mine... IT'S ALL MINE." Said Rex. "It's ours." Said Crypto. "Ah yes... Of course, the filthy wolf's glory." Said Rex. "WOLF? WHERE?" Asked Crypto, looking around. "You." Said Rex. "What?" Asked Crypto, glancing at Rex. "You are the wolf." Said Rex. "Quit joking around Rex, I'm no wolf." Crypto demanded. "You are a rare emerald wolf, I stole you and captured your parents, your parents are now long dead." Said Rex. Mason grabbed Crypto. "What are you doing Mason?" Asked Crypto. "A little something, I should've done a long time ago." Said Mason. Mason threw Crypto to the wall. "Whats the meaning of this Mason?" Asked Crypto, coughing out some blood from the impact. "A sacrifice MUST BE MADE!" Yelled Mason. Two devil cat elites grabbed Crypto and dragged Crypto's body to a fire pit. The elites then let go of Crypto. A rope tied to Crypto neck. Then, the rope dragged Crypto to the middle of the fire pit. "Mason..." Said Crypto, weakly. "Goodbye, my enemy." Said Mason, a smug grin crossed his face. "You little-" Said Crypto. The rope slowly lowered Crypto closer to the fire pit. "Captain Will watched Crypto being lowered, tears did seem to come from his eyes. But then, Crypto suddenly halted. He saw devil cats falling into the lava of the fire pit. "Get them!" Yelled Mason. Mason then charged into battle. Captain Will vanished from sight, though. Wolves looked down at Crypto. "There he is!" Said a wolf. Hunter looked down to Crypto. "I could use a little help here!" Yelled Crypto. "We roger that, pull him up!" Yelled Hunter. A wolf went to the rope controller and started pulling Crypto up to the land. "You alright?" Asked Hunter. "Not really." Replied Crypto. Once Crypto landed on the land. Wolves untied the rope from Crypto's neck. "We gotta get you out of here." Said Hunter. A piece of the wall was missing.

Once the wolves escaped, they rallied at Op'Hille. "So, young wolf, whats your name?" Asked Hunter. Names Crypto, I- I think thats what my parents named me when I was young." Said Crypto. "When you were young, your parents raised a great wolf." Said Hunter. "Really? What happened to the last emerald wolf?" Asked Crypto. Well; the last emerald wolf kinda started this war. The first emerald wolf was Pheonix.: Said Hunter. "WHAT?" Asked Crypto. Thats right, the last emerald wolf started this war, and the first was Pheonix, that was fifty-one years ago." Said Hunter. "Interesting, but how?" Crypto asked. "How what?" "How did the emerald wolf start the war?" "Well, he kinda hated devil cats and he started fighting the devil cats of Az'Jul, and he framed us for doing it." Hunter explained. 

Three devil cats walked up to Rex. "Sir! Crypto has escaped sir!" One of the devil cats reported. Rex looked angry. "YOU FOOLS!" Yelled Rex. Mason walked up to Rex, carrying something in his paw. What is Mason? Asked Rex. Mason looked a little sad, Mason let go of some armor. It was Alex's armor, all burned slightly and covered in ash... Rex was astonished. "Al- Alex." Said Rex slowly. Rex knocked over two vases in his room and screamed. "THOSE WOLVES WILL PAY!" Yelled Rex. The devil cats in the room backed away, Mason just stood there. "Mason!" Said Rex. "Yes sir?" Asked Mason. "I now promote you... to the same rank Alex was." Rex replied. "Wha-? You mean the rank of Sargent?" Asked Mason. "Yes." Said Rex. Mason smiled.

Chapter 6:

Realizing the truth.

"So Hunter... How come you let me steal the eye of Pheonix?" Asked Crypto. "I wanted you to see the truth, And you have, in a way." Hunter replied. Crypto's mouth twitched before he spoke. "I see." Said Crypto. "When you were young, your parents sent a message to every wolf on the earth, an emerald wolf is a very rare wolf." Said Hunter. "I bet more then an elder." Whispered a wolf.  "But Rex, somehow, was able to hear of your birth." Said Hunter. "And?" Asked Crypto. "Rex knew where you lived, he killed your parents and lied to you that you were a devil cat." Said Hunter. "How did he trick me when I was young, I remember hiding beside a bunch of rocks from something, but I don't know what." Said Crypto. "You were hiding from him, but Rex lied to you that you were a devil cat and stolen." Said Hunter. "So, that explains." Said Crypto. "Likely, I was there when that happened. I was not a leader those days, in fact, I was still about 12 years old, but I left the den before Rex came." Said Hunter. "How did you see me then?" Asked Crypto. Front entrance. I saw you on the cliffs, I was crouching low and the devil cats didn't see me. When Rex was gone, there was nothing I could do." Said Hunter. "How old were you those days?" Asked Crypto. I was 12 years old, which is 11 years older then you." Said Hunter. "So you're thirteen years old now?" Asked Crypto. "Yes." Said Hunter. 

"You kidnapped Crypto when he was young?" Asked Jack. "Yes, Crypto was an emerald wolf." Said Rex. "I thought you told us that he just joined us when he was young." Said Mason. "That was a lie." Said Rex. The two devil cats glanced at each other then looked back at Rex. "We'll take care of him." The two devil cats vowed. "Dismissed." Said Rex.

"Hunter, did you ever encounter any mercenaries?" Asked Crypto. "Mercenaries have been gone for years, in fact, they've been destroyed before you were born." Said Hunter. "Oh." Said Crypto. "Did you know, wolves and devil cats used to work together against the mercenaries?" Hunter asked. "What happened?" Asked Crypto. "Until Rex betrayed us, the first battle took place here in Op'Hille." Said Hunter. "Then when were the mercenaries defeated?" Asked Crypto.  Hunter slightly smiled. "I'm glad you asked that." Said Hunter. "Continue, I'll be listening." Said Crypto. "The mercenaries were defeated. By an unknown person." Said Hunter. "What?" Asked Crypto sharply. "No one knows what destroyed the mercenaries, rumor has it it was me, Rex, or Pheonix, but I can tell you, it wasn't me." Said Hunter. "Mmhmm... Yeah, like it's the last emerald wolf that was born nearly two millennium before." Said Crypto. Crypto yawned. It was getting dark.  "Better start going to bed." Said Hunter. "You said it." Said Crypto. "The suites are not far from my home, you gotta make sure you sleep on a comfy bed, not on the dirt of the streets." Said Hunter. Crypto saluted as a reply. "I hope the kid gets some shut eye." Murmured Hunter. Hunter went to his house and fell asleep. Crypto found the suite area, Crypto walked to up to the front desk. "Welcom- ohh- I see we have a young emerald wolf in our presence." Said the owner. "Did I cause any trouble while I was gone?" Asked Crypto. Not to this place, anyway, you came here for a room, right?" Asked the owner. "Yes, I did." Said Crypto. "Alright, your room will be C3." Said the owner. "Thanks." Said Crypto. Good luck, friend." Said the owner. Crypto went to his room. Crypto was in front of his door, the door had a strange panel on it. Crypto laid his paw on the panel and the door opened.  Crypto walked in and looked around the room. "Nice place." Said Crypto to himself. A bed was in the room. Crypto went over to the bed. He pulled up the sheets over his body and fell asleep.

Chapter 7:

It... ends... HERE...


Crypto woke up. Unexpectedly, he woke up outside the little apartment. It wasn't his suite at all! "What is the meaning of this?" Asked Crypto. "You wish to be aided young one, many emerald wolves always do." Said a voice. "Who are you? You sound familiar." Crypto asked. "You yet are hearing the voice of me, the water god." The voice replied. "Are you the one they call Nepmoon?" Asked Crypto. "Yes, I have always been watching you. I heard you were quite confused of life itself." Said Nepmoon. Crypto scoffed before continuing. "Indeed, I am." Replied Crypto. "Well, it seems you get it all now, ever since you were betrayed." Said Nepmoon. "Yes, I heard you're brothers with Pheonix, no?" Asked Crypto. "Indeed, I'm his older brother, at least one year older, we both used to be mortal till we proven ourselves." Said Nepmoon. "Continue." Said Crypto. "Until we proven ourselves to be worthy gods, ever since that happened, Pheonix lived in the demon lands." Said Nepmoon. "I know that." Said Crypto. "Well, I suppose you must go now. Hunter is waiting." Said Nepmoon. "Till we meet again, Nepmoon." Said Crypto. Crypto was blinded by a flash of white.


Crypto once again woke up in his bed. He got up and went outside the apartment. Hunter was outside. "Hmm... I see you had a nice dream." Said Hunter. "Yeah, why are you out here anyway?" Asked Crypto. "We are starting to invade Az'Jul." Said Hunter. "Bravo, raiding a highly guarded place at such an early time." Said Crypto. Hunter gently chuckled. "A dozen Op'Hille elites marched behind Hunter. It's gonna take more then that." Said Crypto. "This isn't all." Said Hunter.  Hunter nudged his head back and forth twice, signalling for Crypto to follow him. "Come over here." Hunter ordered. Crypto followed Hunter to the temple. Once inside. Crypto saw more then a thousand Op'Hille titans. "Dang." Said Crypto. "Rex doesn't stand a chance, numbers always win battles." Said Hunter. Hunter led his men into Az'Jul. "You coming?" Asked Hunter. "Anything for revenge." Said Crypto. Hunter and Crypto equipped armor. "This'll do nicely." Said Hunter. Hunter and Crypto entered Az'Jul, it was a full war zone. A titan almost smashed Crypto. "Woah!" Crypto gasped, dodging the titan's attack. Crypto snuck through the war zone. But once he can reach Rex's little tent. A foot blocked Crypto's way. Crypto glanced up. "Mason!?" Said Crypto. Crypto got up and swiped at Mason, missed. "Why hello old enemy." Said Mason. "We don't have to do this, Mason." Said Crypto. "We do, so goes the very order of life for snakes to hate panthers, and devil cats to hate wolves." Said Mason. Jack came up behind Crypto and held Crypto by the neck. "You are no match, Crypto, just accept death." Said Mason. Jack casted a spell that stunned every titan. All the titans died instantly. Hunter was gone though. Mason pulled out his claws. "As you can see Crypto." We have done testing some more, we got more armor, and more skills." Said Mason. "What happened to Alex?" Asked Crypto, struggling to break free from Jack's grip. "Dead." Replied Mason. "Now, where were we? Ah, yes." Said Mason. Mason swiped at Crypto's body twice with his claws drawn. "AHHH!" Yelled Crypto in pain. Blood slightly escaped Crypto's body. "Hunter just ran and left you like the coward he is." Said Mason. "Hmm... Thats true." Said Crypto, straining to keep his body eased. "The bleeding will kill you slowly, just to let you know." Said Mason. Mason pulled a jar of red liquid. "Whats that?" Asked Crypto. "A poison that can't be cured." Said Mason.  Hunter leaped at Mason and swiped. Jack let go of Crypto, Crypto collapsed to the floor, feeling weak. "Well, well, well, if it isn't, Hunter." Said Jack. "You devil cats are cruel, you don't deserve to live." Said Hunter. Crypto slightly closed his eyes, feeling more weaker. "Well, you're to late, Crypto is dying, and there is nothing you can do." Said Mason. Devil cat titans surrounded Hunter. "Stand down, this is my fight." Said Mason. Jack approached Crypto. "It's a better death then you tried to do with Hunter." Said Jack. "You knew?" Asked Crypto slowly.  "Yes, we saw you do that, you know." Said Jack. "I'll make you a deal Mason, let me and Crypto go, and I'll let you be spared." Said Hunter. "Fine, run away, coward." Said Mason.  Hunter grabbed Crypto and went back to Op'Hille. Crypto still felt the same once Hunter reached Op'Hille. "You'd outta hurry, I don't think I can make it." Said Crypto. Hunter rushed over to the medic station. "Hurry, cure this one fast." Said Hunter. The doctors inspected the wound on Crypto's body. It took more then an hour. A doctor went over to Hunter, he looked a little sad. "I'm afraid there is nothing we can do, whoever struck him had put deadly poisons into his body, we cannot cure them all." The doctor reported. "Are you kidding? This is an emerald wolf! He needs to be saved!" Hunter exclaimed. The doctor lowered his head. "There is one thing in there, it is a poison, so deadly, that you won't even feel your death coming, he has it." Said the doctor. Hunter didn't complain, the only thing he can do, was watch Crypto die. "Hunter, please... bury me near my parents, if they are near." Said Crypto. Hunter saluted. "I'll see you in, Atlantis." Said Hunter. Crypto closed his eyes and finally, his heart slept.

"Dad, is that really all?" Asked the son. "No, I did skip some parts, but son, that.... was only the beginning..." Said the father. 

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