Crypto two: Mercenary disaster


Crypto woke up, in chains. He was in a cell. Crypto got up and laid a paw on his forehead. "Where am I?" He asked, looking around. A chain was cuffed around his leg. "Hmm... he's awake. It's about time." Someone said. Crypto looked outside his cell.  Two Medusa snakes were out there... of course, he didn't know who they were. "Who-" Crypto held in his vomit from the nausea building up in him. "Who are you? where am I?" Crypto then ran over to a corner and vomited. "Sorry about the sickness, the venom we injected into you that revived you may make you sick for a couple of minutes." One Medusa snake explained. Crypto didn't even notice they were playing chess. "That-" Crypto burped then continued. "-That doesn't answer my question." Crypto said. The Medusa snake laughed. "Welcome to Muis'tinvore." The Medusa snake replied, moving his king a little bit forward. "Muis'tinvore? what in Nepmoon's sake are you talking about?" Crypto asked. That same Medusa snake sighed. "We're the mercenaries." He said.

Chapter 1

Crypto wandered around his cell. Mercenaries?! still alive? even though he's been dead for... Nepmoon knows how long!? he could still remember Hunter saying that the mercenaries were destroyed... he didn't remember who, but he did remember those words "Mercenaries have been dead". Those two Medusa snakes were still playing chess. "I demand answers!" Crypto yelled. The Medusa snake pounded the desk but luckily did not knock over any chess pieces. He stood up and approached the cell, making Crypto stagger backwards. The snake grabbed the bars and shook them a bit. "The only thing you're going to get answer is your fate!" He hissed. Crypto gathered his courage and exclaimed. "Who are you?" "We told you, we're the mercenaries." He said. "No, I mean who YOU are." The other Medusa snake stood up. "I'm lieutenant Deris, this is sergeant Fang." He replied. He hesitated before speaking. "Now, you need ANYTHING else?" He asked. "No." Crypto replied. Deris released the bars and then they both sat down.

Crypto kept pacing the floor, solving answers. But the more he paces, the more questions came to his mind. He stopped pacing and there was very bright light passed the two Medusa snakes. They both stood up and pounded their chests in salute. A panther approached the cell. He was wearing a hood and a very dark cape. "Do you know who I am?" He rasped. Crypto thought for a moment. "A mercenary?" Crypto guessed. The panther laughed. "No, moron, I just so happen to be someone who took the pleasure of making you dive in the lava pit." He replied. He took of his hood, and he wasn't a panther at all! he was a devil cat covered in ash, burns, and dried blood. Crypto gasped. "You- you- you're Alex?! aren't you?!" Crypto asked. He smiled, revealing very black gums. "Yes." He replied. He coughed several times, ash coming out of his mouth everytime. "And it's your fault! so... you will be repaying my service of reviving you  by rotting in your cell." He said. Crypto rolled his eyes. "You know, we both know how this is gonna end." Crypto said. Alex laughed. "I got plans, Crypto, and you're not going to soil them with your title. "Emerald wolf", ha! dear Pheonix what kind of brother have you got?!" Alex taunted. "Sir, on with the plan." Lieutenant Deris suggested. "But of course!" Alex said. Everyone left the room and Crypto was alone, not only in the cell... but also the silence and stillness of the room.

Chapter 2
True rumors

"Sir, we have heard that the poison Mason inflicted on Crypto has killed him." Jack reported. Rex grinned. "Perfect, and how many years has it been?" Rex asked. "Not years sir, it's been about several days since Crypto was buried." Jack paused to breath heavily.  "...And it's only rumors, our spies are still unsure, captain Rex." Rex frowned. "Does that mean they still have Crypto?" Rex asked. "Yes, no... maybe, sir." Jack replied. Rex growled softly. "We'll have to halt our attack on Op'Hille, we cannot risk ourselves... even after what the prophecy has told." Rex said.

"Let me go!" Crypto demanded. The chain that held him was still cuffed but he was biting, forcing, and shaking it. No one was in the room. Crypto growled and started screaming until lieutenant Deris slammed the door open. "Shut up, will you?!" He yelled. Crypto didn't stop, neither did he hesitate to start shaking the chain again. "That chain is expensive, you know! we had to go to the Smeltiers and back, and do you have any idea how long that takes?" Deris asked. "No!" Crypto said. Deris growled. "You're such a cheesy actor, you know what, I got a better idea." Deris said. Deris pulled out a shot with green liquid. "Say good night, sweet heart." He said. Crypto expected him to get in but Deris threw it and Crypto failed to sense it on time before it hit his neck and he went into a half sleep... half sleep? he laid on his right side, and everything was slightly darker... but he still felt like he was sleeping... even though he could see everything, and still hear everything (slightly muffled though.) Deris was about to leave until Fang came over to him. "Sir, we have heard reports of a group of panthers." He reported. "Panthers? here? in Canada?" Deris asked. "Yes, sir... they traveled from Japan to here to see destroy us... since we're snakes." Fang said. "Oh, please! and whats their little clan's name?"
"The tiger claw clan, sir."
"Tiger... claw...? thats a ridiculous name! they should be easy to deal with." Deris said. "Uuuh, sir?"
"I think he's still awake sir."
Crypto's eyes would've groaned if he weren't half asleep. Deris groaned and tossed another shot at Crypto. It hit his stomach and Crypto went into a full sleep.
"So they'll be in-" Fang said, the rest was muffled and Crypto fell asleep.

Chapter 3:
Medusa gets involved

Crypto heard distant and muffled laughter. He opened his eyes slightly but everything was blurry. He saw a stretch of green though. "Dis be de so called "emerald wolf"?" Crypto's vision straightened out, a Zealot snake with a wooden staff and weird tiki tattoos was there. "Who are you?" Crypto asked. "Thats his favorite question." Deris said, he was standing next to the Zealot snake. The zealot snake chuckled. "Who be me? I dink it's who be you?! meh name be Mondovusa!" He replied, he had a Jamaican accent but Crypto didn't really know the accent. Crypto got up and stared at the odd snake. "You sound weird." Crypto commented. "Don't be given me dat, it's you who sound weird tuh me!" He said. "And why are you here?" Crypto asked. "I be 'ere to talk de mercenaries into sellin' yo soul to meh, Medusa be wishin' for a sacrifice." Mondovusa replied. "Medusa, sacrifice? what are you talking about?" Crypto asked. "Curious one, dis wolf be." Mondovusa said to Deris. "I find it more annoying." Deris replied. 
"I be a servant of Medusa, a voodoo priest, and I need blood to be offerin' her, ya' see, I be part of a nameless societeh of many voodoo priests. We all be seekin' sacrifices." Mondovusa explained. "So, let me get this straight. You give blood to who now?" Crypto asked. "Medusa!" Mondovusa shouted. "Whos Medusa?" Crypto asked. "What?! WHO is Medusa?! why she be de god of snake and poison, master of venom! how can you be wonderin' who she be?!" Mondovusa asked. "Sorry, I never learned about you snakes." Crypto said. Mondovusa shook his head and glanced at Deris. "So, you be doin' what now with dis-" Mondovusa glanced at Crypto then back at Deris. "-Thing." "Well, Alex was planning on selling him to Pheonix." Deris said. "What?!" Crypto asked. They both glanced at Crypto. "I'll explain more, lets just go somewhere private." Deris said. They both left the room and Crypto started shaking with fear. To be sold to Pheonix! It was a thought Crypto couldn't even bare to think about.

Chapter 4:

Hunter and several of his guards went over to Crypto's grave. "Rest in peace, old friend." Hunter said. "Sir, the prophecy. How can it be fulfilled without the emerald wolf?" A guard asked. Hunter sighed. "I don't know, but perhaps the prophecy is wrong." Hunter said. "Sir, you know better, Nepmoon said so himself, heck, even an Earth mother druid said the prophecy!" Hunter shook his head. "We can all make mistakes, including gods, including Earth mother druids, even god." Hunter said. Suddenly, he noticed something on the grade. "Thats odd." Hunter said. Hunter examined it. A track... a very thing track, no feet but it looked kinda like a snake. "I can't believe it!" Hunter said. The guards approached. "Az'Jul snakes were here! there were spies! muster a recon force! we're going hunting for som-" Hunter then noticed something else. "Wait, Az'Jul is east, and, this track, it leads north." Hunter raised an eyebrow. "Muster a recon force, we need to find out what the heck this is, if it's a rebellion, this could maybe be a game changer." Hunter said. The guards are saluted and went back to Op'Hille.

Chapter 5:
Break out

Crypto paced through the cell. How can he escape? No way I'm getting sold to Pheonix! Crypto kept thinking. Then, he saw something. A lockpick! Crypto was about to pick it up but then thought up something. What in Nepmoon's name is this doing here? more importantly, HOW did it get there? Crypto shook his head and started lock picking the cell door. No one was in the room so he could easily break out. The cell door opened with a slight creak. Crypto slipped through the door. "Thank you, Rex!" Crypto whispered. Crypto hid under the table Deris and Fang were playing chess on. And Crypto used the chairs as cover. Suddenly, Crypto noticed something... his fur. It was green but now it was like a black cloud. Thats odd. Crypto thought. The door to the room opened and Crypto held in a gasp. It was Alex. "Alright, Crypto, you're goin-" Alex then stared at Crypto for several seconds. Crypto's eyes grew and his heart was beating very fast. Alex approached him but suddenly passed the table. Crypto sighed softly. "WHERE DID HE GO?!" Alex screeched. Deris and Fang came in with rifles. Other mercenaries came in. "Find him!" Alex ordered. It was odd, they don't even seem to see Crypto.The mercenaries slithered out but Deris and Fang stayed. Alex left the room and Deris and Fang followed him. Deris slammed the door behind him. Crypto crept out from underneath the table and his fur turned green again. Crypto opened the door and slipped out. Luckily, no one was outside. Crypto hid in the shadows and his fur turned black again. Crypto then snuck to the exit.

Chapter 6:

It appears Muis'tinvore was a castle. Crypto slowly crept to the exit of the castle, however, several guards were there. But there was many shadows from the walls and his fur seemed to have cursed him to blend in with the shadows. Crypto started running towards the exit but then, two guards stopped him. Crypto was surprised. Did they see him? He then heard laughter. "Did ya' really believe ya' cannot beh seen?" Mondovusa asked. "Yes, Alex didn't seem to see me." Crypto replied. Mondovusa approached him from behind and Crypto couldn't even seem to move. "Ya' be put under me spell, but anyhow, nobodeh' can see you but me. So, here be de plan, you'll be put into another cell, more locked, more secured. Maybe that'll fix ya." Mondovusa explained. Mondovusa nodded towards several guards and the guards picked up Crypto (while he was "stoned") and placed him in a bigger cell. And two guards with rifles stood outside his cell. "He won't be escaping this one, but how did he sneak out?" Deris asked. "Crypto be havin' a blessin' that allow him to "become a shadow in shadow" basically." Mondovusa explained. "Shadow in shadow? don't you mean camouflage?" "No, it be more like, invisible." Mondovusa replied. "Thats gonna be a problem, but how did he get it?" Deris asked. "Maybe de poison did it, or it was said dat Nepmoon bless any wolf that be a hero. But I don't be believe in dat gossip!" Mondovusa said. Deris shook his head. "I'll try asking Schultz Pon Peter, maybe he'll know." Deris said. "I'm sorry, Pon Peter?" Crypto asked. "Yes, Pon Peters, smartest snakes in the world." Deris said. "Oh great, as if this can get any worse." Crypto said.

Chapter 7:
Tiger claw ambush!

Captain Will slithered across the fields with his wolfish escort. Will will never forget the event that had led to him leaving Az'Jul and joining the wolves of Op'Hille. And they accepted him and treated him with honor! Will slithered with his favorite weapon in hand, which is a Pheonix knife. "We getting any closer, Tod?" Will asked. Tod was a Scottish fox, used to work as the only trader in the pacific. Tod glanced up at Will. "Listen, lad, I can get on with me retirement life, I outta tell Remus here for Nepmoon sake that you dragged me 'ere as a sniffin' dog!" Tod said. Will shook his head. "Just help me out, Tod, do something, are we close or not?" Will asked, kindly. Tod raised an eyebrow but shook his head at the same time. Then, he raised his nose in the air and sniffed several times."Aye, we're close to somethin'." Tod said. "Something?" Will asked. "Aye, smells like panthers, lad, but if we run into trouble, I won't be askin' for it." Tod said. Will chuckled. "You can run or fight, it's your choice to do that."
Will said. Tod shrugged. "Okay." He replied. They started approaching a forest until Will got trapped up in a net! "Captain!" A wolf cried. The wolves approached Will but suddenly, were surrounded by panthers! "Panthers? here in Canada?" Will asked. "Trust me, lad, this is nothin' compared to the trouble I faced on me tradin' expedition." Tod said. A panther approached them, she had white cloth gauntlets surrounding her legs and had a white cloth covering her head, but not her face. She drew out her claws and approached Will. But the wolves blocked her, the panthers surrounding them were about to jump but the white-cloth panther shook her head, and interrupted their urge to jump them. "Why are you wolves here in Canada? and more importantly, why do you defend this snake?" The panther asked. Tod went in front of the panther. "Listen ere' las, I know a good crew led by Remus, he had plenty of snakes on 'is ship but they pulled no fights." Tod said. The panther raised an eyebrow. "What are you saying, fox?" The panther asked. "I'm sayin' not all snakes are bad, las. Sure, some may have captured humans, but it's just their job, mam." Tod explained. Everyone remained silent. "Where are you wolves from? and I mean around here." The panther asked. "Op'Hille, mam." Will replied. "Op'Hille? is it far?" The panther asked. "No, just that way." Will pointed the direction they came from. The panther squinted at Will. "Release him." The panther ordered. Another panther nodded and cut the rope of Will and the net fell. "Pardon me, strangers, my name is Kyra, I come from Vietnam but that doesn't matter." Kyra said. "Well, las, how 'bout showin' us your base, I've been starvin' the whole way here." Tod said. She nodded. "Follow me." She ordered.

Chapter 8:

"So, you were following a mysterious snake trail that led from the emerald's wolf grave to the north?" Kyra asked. Will nodded while eating Chinese noodles. "Yes, Hunter believes it is Az'Jul snakes, you know, spies or something." Will said. Kyra shook her head. "Didn't you know there was a group of snakes up North of this place?" Kyra asked. Will shook his head in disagreement. "These snakes are called "mercenaries", they've been here for quite some time now." Kyra said. Will almost choked on his noodles until Tod slapped his back with enough force to make Will hack out the shrimp that was choking him. "Mercenaries?" Will asked. "You didn't know there was mercenaries north of here?" Kyra asked. "No, they've been dead for years." Will said. "Well, whatever dies, another is born." Kyra said. "Am I suppose to be surprised?" Tod asked. Will ignored Tod and shook his head. "But who is their leader?" Will asked. "We are not sure of that, but for now, we can send an ambassador to Op'Hille of this surprise." Kyra suggested. "Sure, Hunter is a good wolf, honest and trustworthy, I think we could both team up to overrun the mercenaries." Will said. "Might I ask why they're called mercenaries, anyhow?" Tod asked. "The mercenaries are really mercenaries, but they get paid daily by one leader." Will said. "So goes their tradition." "So, we got our alliance, you will help us wipe the mercenaries, but what can we do for you?" Kyra asked. "Well, once we wipe the mercenaries, you can help us rid of Az'Jul." Will said. "Az'Jul? what is Az'Jul?" Kyra asked. "Az'Jul is the home of the devil cats in Canada." A wolf replied. Kyra remained silent for a while and Will awaited an answer from her. "Very well." She said, smiling.

Chapter 9:
Here they come!

Crypto sat in his cell, pacing the floor back and forth. "You ever heard of wolves of the beyond? great book, for a human." The guard said. "I only made it to the third book, whats it called? "watch wolf" the other guard replied. Crypto couldn't stand anymore of their chatting. He was literally going to lose his mind if he doesn't get out of this cell! Suddenly, the two guards fell to the floor. Crypto raised an eyebrow but suddenly realized there were panthers in the darkness, there was only two though. "I'm guessing you're the "tiger claw" yes?" Crypto asked. "Yes, we are." He replied. That same panther grabbed the keys off one of the guards and unlocked the cell. "Thanks." Crypto thanked. Once Crypto got out, the panthers, whos name was Mako, explained several things to Crypto. "We met your friends from Op'Hille, and we decided to form an alliance together." Mako reported. "Huh, thats good!" Crypto said. "Indeed, but maybe we could see if theres enough time to get out of here before Alex finds us." Mako said. Mako shook his head. "We eavesdropped on Mondovusa, said you had a trait." "Yes, blend in with the shadows." Crypto replied. "Well, we should use your new found skill, luckily, Mondovusa is away at the moment to serve, Medusa, it's also night." Mako said. "Alright, lets go!" Crypto said. Mako opened the cell door only with a tiny creak. And he peaked out his head. "All clear!" Mako whispered. Mako and the other panther slipped out, but Crypto was a little fatter and opened the door a little more to get out. They all snuck out of the base with ease.

Chapter 10:

"Oh, Crypto! so good to have you back!" Hunter said, coughing a little. Hunter looked a little bit more older, his pelt was yellow when Crypto met him, now it was very dark yellow. Crypto ignored the fact and he felt like hugging him. "Good to see you too, Hunter!" Crypto replied. Hunter smiled. "Sir, we're ready to invade Muis'tinvore." A wolf reported. "Alright, hopefully this invasion will succeed." Hunter said. "Mason, was the real reason why we failed the invasion of Az'Jul." Crypto said. Hunter groaned. "Yes, brave but foolish, kitten." Hunter said. Hunter shook his head in disgust. Crypto then gathered his courage. "I'll be in the invasion." Crypto challenged. Hunter gasped then coughed out a little. "What?!" Hunter rasped. Crypto nodded. "I'll be in the invasion to Muis'tinvore." Crypto said. "Crypto, we can't be risking you again, you have died once and it was a miracle that you were revived, but there are no third chances." Hunter said. Crypto glared at Hunter for several seconds. "Hunter, if I do recall, the prophecy says-" "Yes, yes, the prophecy, how did you hear of it?" Hunter asked. "The panthers explained it to me." Crypto replied. Hunter twitched his mouth. "Fine, just... try not to die."Hunter said. Crypto smiled and nodded. And went over to the invasion force.

Once Crypto reached the invasion, he saw something that startled him. Captain Will! Crypto put on a battle stance and leaped at him. Captain Will then was pinned to the ground, Crypto was snarling at him while Will was on the ground. "Hey, hey! Crypto?! get off of Will!" Mako ordered. Crypto then closed his mouth from the snarling and got off of Will. Will got up and dusted himself. "W-why is Will here?" Crypto asked. "He joined the wolves of Op'Hille, I probably should've mentioned that." Mako said. Will shook his head. "Sorry." Crypto said, putting his paw out. Will put his hand underneath Crypto's paw. "Accepted." Will said. They both then eased and listened to Kyra's battle plan. "Okay, we have managed to map out Muis'tinvore, it is small so it is easy to invade it." Kyra put down a map that was sketched out by hand. "We stole this map from them, and luckily, Mondovusa, their voodoo priest, will be gone for a while, so nothing can stop us." Kyra paused for a second and pointed a square room in the center of the map. "Thats our target, Alex's room, that is where he plans all his plans." Kyra pointed to the front gate. "Their front gate is heavily guarded by mercenaries, so we'll take an alternate route." Kyra pointed towards a sewer system. "We panthers will be infiltrating from here, the sewer system, while you wolves from Op'Hille will be invading from the front, giving us more time to invade and they will be forced to put ore security to the front." Kyra then hesitated. "Do they have anti-siege vehicles?" Kyra asked Mako. Mako shook his head. "They only have siege vehicles like tanks, catapults, battering rams, and harpoons." Mako replied. Kyra smiled. "Well then, I guess they're pretty much defenseless against our siege vehicles." Kyra said. Will nodded. "Not a bad battle plan, reminds me of that one invasion in Colorado. You know, Jake the devil cat, was invaded by panthers, snakes, wolves, and zezoms! I was there. I saw it and I played on defense." Will shook his head to wipe the memory but it was burnt into his brain. That massive battle, trying to defend Jake. "Now is not the time to discuss America, now is the time to free Canada from the clutches of these invaders!" Kyra said. Will crossed his arms and stared at Kyra. "No offense." Kyra said. "None taken." Will replied. "Lets do it!" Crypto battle cried.

Chapter 11:
End of the mercenaries.

Crypto followed the panthers into the sewer system, it was night but they weren't allowed to go in without a signal of some sorts. "Wait for the signal!" Kyra whispered. What signal? Crypto kept thinking. A large rumble then occurred and there was light over the horizon, and it was not the dawn, it was fire."Go, go, go!" Kyra whispered. Panthers started pouring into the sewer pipe, Crypto crept in after a few panthers.

The pipes shook a lot while the battle at the front gates was happening. The pipes smelled like rotten caribou meat but that didn't matter. There was mold growing on this pipe and there was also green water they were stepping. The panthers then crawled out of the pipes and into the fortress.

The panthers busted in to Alex's room and Alex was already there, staring at them. "What? you didn't think I wasn't expecting the tiger claw clan to come, did you?!" Alex asked. Two spartan snakes were at his side. And Crypto known of this. Usually, Medusa snakes in spartan army represented that they were high-ranking in Medusa's army. The two spartans unsheathed imperial swords and a shield. Kyra then leaped at one of them, the spartan shield bashed her but she jumped off the shield, landed on her paws, and dived straight into his neck with her claws out. And gouged her claws deep into his throat. Alex stared at the spartan fall. The other spartan then swung his sword at Crypto. Crypto dodged and Mako leaped to the right of the spartan, then leaped behind the spartan, and back stabbed him. And the spartan fell too. Alex shook his head in disgust. "I'll deal with you imbeciles, myself." Alex said. Kyra leaped at the wall behind Alex and reflected herself off of it to leap at Alex. But Alex jumped and sliced Kyra's back. And Kyra slid across the floor. Mako then pounced Alex but Alex got him too. The other panthers vanished and Crypto stared at Alex. "You and me." Crypto said. Alex laughed. "You?! a spy? I don't think you stand a chance." Alex said. Crypto then leaped towards the right side of the room, and blended in with the darkness. "What?! what in Zealot's-?" Alex looked around. Crypto then gave Alex a hard swipe at the body and Alex growled. Alex swiped left and right but missed Crypto completely. Crypto then leaped on Alex's back and bit his neck. And Alex then fell over, dead... but not dead. Alex's breathing was labored but he was still alive. "Curses." Alex said. "You know, we could've been friends." Crypto said. Alex shook his head. "Maybe, but I doubt it, so goes the very order of things for devil cats to hate wolves." Alex said. Crypto sighed. "I wish there were another way." Crypto said. Alex coughed out blood and sighed. "You can never avoid death, Crypto." Alex said. And he took his last breath... and died.

Chapter 12

The mercenaries retreated far into the corner of Canada and the wolves of Op'Hille were victorious. Deris was still alive and so was Fang, but not Alex. Everyone cheered and Crypto felt proud of himself. "Good work, Crypto, maybe it was true, the prophecy, you know." Hunter said. "It was always true... but still, who killed the mercenaries before?" Crypto asked. "No one knows, rumored it was me, Rex, or Pheonix, it wasn't me, and I doubt it was Rex." Hunter said. Crypto shook his head, maybe he'll never know. But still, he basked in this victory. For the end was near, for he knew the prophecy will be fulfilled soon... not because Nepmoon said so himself, or an earth mother priests... Crypto just knew it.

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