Crypto three: the new king


The old wolf stared into the dancing flames. He felt a familiar presence approaching. But who, he was not sure. The old wolf glanced at the entrance of his house, a wolf’s head peeked in. “Ah, welcome back my son... I missed you.” The old wolf said. His son approached the old wolf and they both rubbed cheeks against each other. “So, father...” His son hesitated. He was a lot older now, he was a year old. “Why have you called me?” The son asked. “My son, I know I have locked everyone out of my home for several months, but there is a reason.why I have called you here today.” The old wolf said. The old wolf coughed and continued. “The story I have told you when you were a pup... I know you have waited many months, living in curiosity, to hear the rest of it.” The old wolf said. “Yes, father! I have been wishing to hear the rest.” The son answered. “Very good, so, I will continue my story...” The old wolf said.

Chapter 1:
The return to Op’Hille

The battle of Muis’tinvore was finished a few hours ago,while traveling back to Op’Hille, Crypto and Hunter walked shoulder by shoulder. “So, Hunter, hows your son?” Crypto asked. Hunter scoffed. “He’s just a big pain in my tail, my son keeps refusing to be crowned king, he’s just...” Hunter sighed heavily. “He keeps claiming he’s a free wolf.” Hunter replied. “Really? But if he doesn’t want to be king... Who will?” Crypto asked. “He will, he has no choice. I’ll beat him to a pulp if I have to.” Hunter replied. “Isn’t that a little harsh, Hunter?” Crypto asked. “Errr... Yes, I suppose I am overreacting, but even still, he must be king!” Hunter insisted. They both remained silent for a while, then Crypto glanced at captain Will. “You know, I had a dream where Will was a quill boar.” Crypto said. Hunter chuckled.

After nearly half an hour, the light from Op’Hille was seen in the distance. “We’re here!” Hunter said. Everyone then rushed towards the city.

Once Crypto and Hunter entered Op’Hille, every wolf citizen there cheered at Crypto and Hunter. Crypto smiled. “The emerald wolf is alive!” A wolf cheered. “The prophecy is true!” Another wolf cheered.

Chapter 2:
Meet Catherine

Crypto followed Will through the crowd of cheering. “Crypto, meet my old friend.” Will said. Crypto was busy staring at the wolves cheering at him. Crypto then glanced to the person Will was talking about. The person was a Clockwork snake that was standing on six mechanical legs. “Greetingz to zou, Crypto.” The snake said in a German accent. The snake was actually female! She stuck her hand out to Crypto. Crypto hesitated in reaching for her hand but Will forced Crypto’s paw to shake her hand. “I am Catherine Pon Peter. You have heard of me, of course, ja?” Catherine asked. “I’m afraid not.” Crypto replied. “Vell, I can tell you, that your parentz know me.” Catherine said. “You know my parents?” Crypto asked. “Ja, I met them right before you were born,very friendly, zhey were. And smart too!” Catherine said. “Umm... Yes, Crypto, Catherine... You see, is very old and a Pon Peter! The Pon Peters are the smartest people in the world.” Will said. Catherine nodded. “What are you doing here, In Op’Hille anyway? Aren’t all snakes in Canada meant to be in Az’jul?” Crypto asked. “Nien, I have been here to build zhe walls of this city, I also built the walls of Az’jul, but Rex backztabbed me, zhe scumbag!” Catherine said.

Chapter 3:
A new assassin

Rex stopped in front of a figure coated in shadow. “So... I have heard that Crypto, my arch enemy, lives!” Rex said. “So, I expect you... To deal with him...” Rex said. The figure approached Rex, the figure was a huge snake, a Phoenix snake with very dark armor. “You... Fear a little wolf?” The Phoenix snake asked with a distorted voice. “Perhaps you have not heard the prophecy, it is said, that the emerald wolf will stop the one with a black heart and ultimate power.” Rex said. Rex stared into the eye of Phoenix. “So, it is told that he will stop you?” The Phoenix snake asked. “Yes, I hold the ultimate power, but if you can stop the emerald wolf from reaching me... You will be paid significantly... And not only that! You will go on through generations, they will say: ‘The great Sku’ll! Stopped the emerald wolf for Rex! The devil cat!’ What do you say?” Rex said. Sku’ll sneered. “Fine, I will stop this puny emerald wolf.” Sku’ll accepted. “I’m glad we reached an agreement.” Rex said.

Chapter 4:
What happened?

“While you were dead, Rex made some major progress onto our territory. For some reason, he has never attacked Op’hille since the day you died.” Hunter said. “Because he fears me?” Crypto asked. “I guess he thought you were still alive.” Hunter said. “Anyway, our spies also reported that Jack and Mason have been doing some very funny stuff, lately.” Hunter said. Crypto growled as Hunter said “Mason”, Mason was Crypto’s best friend in the time, ever since he was a pup, he and Mason were brothers in arms, but Mason just back stabbed Crypto as if they were never friends. “And how are things here?” Crypto asked. “Well... There is my son and the people, I told you of my son, but the people have been living in peace and prosperity, the families are all happy... Except the fact...” Hunter’s ears dropped and he looked very sad. “Whats wrong, Hunter?” Crypto asked. “My mate... Was murdered.” Hunter said. Crypto’s eyes grew with shock. “Murdered?” Crypto exclaimed. “Yes.” Hunter said.

Chapter 5:
Battle of the Cree tribe.

“Crypto, you need to see this.” A wolf doctor said. Crypto nodded and followed the doctor in a hurry.

In the medical office, there was a Medusa snake with Native American gear. “A Native American?” Crypto asked. “Yes, he came from the Cree tribe, not far from here.” The doctor said. He had a bullet wound in his right shoulder. “Who did this to you?” Crypto asked. “Snakes with guns... Coming from city with devil cats.” The Cree warrior said. “Wait... Are you saying the devil cats of Az’jul are invading you?” Crypto asked. “Red cats... Already invading, tribe is holding... But seeks allies.” The Cree warrior said. “We have to help them!” Crypto exclaimed. “Hold on, Crypto, the Cree are more then capable of holding their own. They are a powerful nation.” The doctor said. “I’m not risking it, Rex is powerful and deadly.” Crypto said. “Alright, I’m not going to stop you... But you’ll have to take it up with Hunter.” The doctor said.

“You say the devil cats of Az’jul are attacking the Cree?” Hunter asked. “Yes, the warriors said that they were holding... But if Mason or Jack or even Rex get there...” Crypto said. “Alright, but only if the Cree wish for our help.” Hunter said.

Crypto, along with Hunter and a few other loyal Op’hille wolves walked to the Cree tribe. “We’re close, the Cree tribe should be over this knoll.” Hunter said. All the wolves went over the knoll to see a horrifying sight. A whole battle. Cree warriors fighting devil cats, the whole grass plain was littered with corpses of fallen warriors and devil cats. It seemed that the Cree were winning though. All the wolves stared at a Cree warrior, that Cree warrior was killing many devil cats. But many devil cats started surrounding him. Crypto leaped into action, Hunter didn’t even try to stop Crypto, Hunter and the other wolves sprang into the fight as well. Crypto rammed into a devil cat that was preparing to leap at the Cree warrior. The Cree warrior glanced back at Crypto but then turned around and sliced a devil cat that was leaping towards him. Crypto and the Cree warrior fought with each other like a well-coordinated team. The devil cats then retreated from the fight. “You have won.” Crypto said. The Cree warrior looked back at Crypto, he was tall, buff, and had red war paint on his cheeks, followed by one of his eyes was closed with a scar there. “With your help, of course.” The Cree warrior answered. The Cree warrior then turned his whole body around to face Crypto. “I am Askook, in your language, ‘snake’ is my name.” Askook said. “Askook? I am Crypto, the emerald wolf.” Crypto said, bowing. “I have heard of the tales of the emerald wolves, it surely is a pleasure to meet you.” Askook said. Hunter then walked over to Askook. “Your tribe is safe now... Hopefully, he will not attack again, I did not think Rex would get as far as attacking Native American tribes.” Hunter said. “Well, for saving my tribe, you have both my people... And my trust, how may we help you, wolves?” Askook asked. “It does pain me greatly, but we ask for your warriors. Rex poses more of a threat, not to Op’hille, but to everyone in Canada.” Hunter said. Askook thought for a moment then nodded. “This great danger must be stopped now! Before it is too late.” Askook said.

Chapter 6:

“A glorious victory!” A wolf warrior cheered. Many people crowding around Hunter and Crypto cheered. “Hunter, I’m not sure asking the Cree to help us was the most wisest choice, I mean... What if Rex attacks while their warriors are away?” Crypto asked. “We have many wolves guarding the Cree tribe now, keeping a close watch... Still, why would Rex attack a Native American tribe?” Hunter asked. “I am curious of that, myself, Hunter... But regardless, we’re not doing this for Op’hille... We’re doing this for Canada.” Crypto said. Hunter smiled at Crypto. “You sound like a king, Crypto.” Hunter said. “Gentlemen.” Catherine said, approaching Hunter and Crypto on her six spider-like legs. “I have big newz.” Catherine said. “What would that be, Catherine?” Hunter asked. “Your son, Hunter, has run off.” Catherine said calmly. “What?!” Hunter exclaimed. “Is right, he ran off, I managed to track him down... He’s nearing the United states.” Catherine reported. Hunter growled. “Oh... I’m gonna beat him until his skin shows.” Hunter said. “What should we do, Hunter?!” Crypto asked. “We have to find him and bring him back! Rex might kidnap him and use my own son as a hostage!” Hunter said. “If we’re going on a rescue mission, I’m coming with you.” Will said behind Crypto and Hunter. Crypto and Hunter stared at Will for several seconds in silence. “Very well, Will, we could use your help.” Hunter said, smiling. Will smiled back and nodded.

Hunter, Crypto, Will, Catherine Pon Peter, and a few wolves followed Catherine, whom was following the tracks in the ground. “So... Catherine, is it true that Phoenix was the last emerald before me?” Crypto asked. “Nien, zhey heard it wrong. It is said that Phoenix was the FIRST emerald wolf, not the last one before zou.” Catherine said. “Really? Hunter told me-” “Ja, ja, Hunter told you, I’m well aware. And it’s all wrong! I know of zhe gods and goddesses.” Catherine said. “Really? So you know of Zarus?” Crypto asked. Catherine smiled while following the paw prints in the dirt. “I like you, Mr.Crypto, you’re a true scholar, a thinker! yes, I know of Zarus, he was zhe god of lighting. He iz named after zhe Greek god, Zeus. His father and mother, no idea, but he is zhe father of Nepmoon and Phoenix, he adored Nepmoon but despised Phoenix.” Catherine said. “But... But why he despise Phoenix, lightning is... Is more closely related to fire then water, right?” Crypto asked. “Ja, you see, Phoenix... One time, played with one of Zarus’s dangerous weapons, nearly killed both Zarus and Phoenix, as for Nepmoon, Nepmoon proved to be a loyal son to Zarus.” Catherine explained. Catherine then stuck her hand up. “Look!” She said, pointing downward. “What is it?” Hunter asked. The paw tracks stopped, but there was lots of paw prints in scattered positions and snake tracks as well, looked like a battle. Catherine examined closely. “Lets see... Bone must have been ambushed, he quickly reacted to his attacker and put on a battle stance, the snake then charged at Bone...” Catherine paused. “Bone?” Crypto asked. “My son, his name is Bone.” Hunter said. “Oh, my bad.” Crypto said. “Shhh! I’m thinking.” Catherine said. “Okay... Zhe snake got Bone and must have dragged him into zhe forest... Zhe question is... Who is zhis snake?” Catherine asked. “Whoever it is, I’m going to return my son home!” Hunter said. Hunter, determined, marched into the forest. The others behind him.

“Stop!” Will whispered, holding up his fist. Every wolf stopped. “Look!” Will ordered. Once every wolf gathered around Will, they looked down hill at a giant fort that looked like an ancient ruin. Catherine pulled out binoculars and zoomed into the snakes guarding it. “Zhat is odd...” Catherine said. “What is it?” Hunter asked. “Take a look.” Catherine said, Catherine held the binoculars for Hunter as Hunter peaked into the binoculars. Hunter then gasped. “Mercenaries!” Hunter said. “Mercenaries?!” Crypto exclaimed. “Yes, this is where they ran off!” Hunter said. Crypto growled. “Lieutenant Deris must be behind this!” Crypto said. “Deris? Ah, him.” Will said. “Whoever is behind this, I have to find my son, Catherine, you have a plan?” Hunter asked. “Ja, so, guards are along zhe walls, but zhere is a blind spot. We can sneak in, find Hunter’s son, and get out.” Catherine said. “Blind spot? Where?” Hunter asked. Catherine then pointed, there was a wall too big to overlook, but it had a giant gaping hole in it. “Alright! Only a few of us should sneak in, a few will stay.” Hunter said. “I’ll go.” A wolf said. “Me two.” Crypto said. A few other wolves volunteered, but Will, Catherine, and several others would stay to see if something was going to go wrong.

Chapter 7:
How to save a son

It was a dark, cramped, hall. With water on the ground, the place was indeed ancient, it was probably a human building before it was burnt to the ground by the Medusa empire. The wolves silently snuck in, the water made it harder to sneak but it was not like there was anyone there to hear them. The walls then rumbled, like a tank or something just rolled into the ruin, the wolves proceeded, cautiously.

They finally snuck into a large room that seemed to be a throne room. Hunter approached the throne then gasped. “I know this throne!” Hunter exclaimed. “Out of everything, you recognize the chair?” A wolf asked. “Well... Seeing a bunch of ancient ruins is never really familiar, but this throne...” Hunter examined the throne. “This was where the ancient kings were... The great king Muis’tinvore, sat on this throne, he sought only gold and riches... Until he was murdered.” Hunter explained. “Muis’tinvore? Th-that was the mercenary fort we invaded with the tiger claw clan!” Crypto said. “I know, that fort was obviously named after Muis’tinvore, but-” The large doors of the throne room started slowly opening. Every wolf did not hesitate to hide in the flooded hall. They all were crouching, hidden, Crypto’s fur was once again emitting a black cloud that concealed him. Then, once the doors fully opened... Deris, Fang, and a few other mercenaries entered. “This whole thing is falling apart! The mercenaries are dying!” Deris said. “The mercenaries will never die! We have faced many challenges! Deris, you remember Alex-” “Yes! King Alex! Promising us riches and glory! Yet he failed! Get out! I need to be alone...” Deris ordered. “But-” “GET OUT!” Deris yelled. Everyone, including Fang, left, the doors then slowly closed. Deris, sat on his throne. “Now!” Hunter whispered. All the wolves then came out and surrounded Deris, Crypto and Hunter, being in the center. Deris sighed. “What is it now?” Deris asked, he noticed their presence. “Where is my son?” Hunter asked, growling and revealing his teeth. Deris stared at Hunter with a confused expression. “What-?” “WHERE IS MY SON?!” Hunter yelled. Deris shook his head. “If you are to kill me, who will lead the mercenaries?” Deris asked. “I’ll kill you if I have to!” Hunter yelled. “We did not take your son.” Deris said. “You think of me stupid?! Where is my son?!” Hunter demanded. “We did not-” Deris was interrupted by a dark figure on the wall, he was hidden but it was easy to see his eyes. He then appeared into the light. He was a tall snake with dark chest armor, and a helmet that covered his face, his glowing red eyes were easy to see. “I’m sorry, were you looking for this?” The dark figure asked. He then lifted Bone into the air, holding his hind legs. Hunter growled at the dark figure. “Give back my son!” Hunter demanded. The dark snake tossed Bone at them. Bone then slid towards Hunter. Hunter growled. “What did you do with my mercenaries?!” Deris asked. “Oh, them? Lets just say their skulls popped out of their heads.” The dark snake said. “You-you killed my mercenaries?! This calls for blood!” Deris yelled. Deris then pulled out two swords and battle cried. Deris then charged at the dark snake. The dark snake grabbed Deris’s face to stop him but Deris stabbed the dark snake in the stomach, piercing his armor. The snake grunted in pain and punched Deris in the stomach. The snake then shoved Deris back. “I am not here for you, I’m here for the emerald wolf.” The snake said, pointing at Crypto. Crypto squinted with suspicion. “You look... Familiar... Do I know you?” Crypto asked. “Yes, I am Sku’ll.” Sku’ll replied. Sku’ll pulled out a Phoenix knife from his back pocket and a shield. The wolves and Deris battle cried and charged at Sku’ll. Crypto hid in the shadows and snuck around Sku’ll. Every wolf was biting on Sku’ll, jumping on him, while Deris was attacking from the front. Sku’ll swung his Phoenix knife down on Deris, but Deris blocked right on time. Crypto then leaped at Sku’ll and bit him in the back of the neck. Sku’ll grunted in pain and collapsed. Each wolf got in front of Sku’ll and stared up at him. “I have underestimated you... But the next time we meet, emerald wolf, you will not be helped.” Sku’ll said. Sku’ll quickly tossed a smoke grenade at the wolves and vanished. The wolves then looked around for Sku’ll in the smoke, but could not find him.

After the smoke cleared, the wolves were about to leave with Bone. Hunter and Crypto stayed behind. “King Hunter, the Mercenaries need a new king.” Deris said. “Perhaps, but you lead them through many struggles, Deris, I think you can handle it.” Hunter said. “No, I did help the Mercenaries rise through many struggles, but this time, I’m making it crumble.” Deris said. Deris then changed to human form and kneeled before Hunter. “The Mercenaries need a king, please... Lead the Mercenaries back to the right path.” Deris requested. Hunter and Crypto remained silent for a while. “Rise.” Hunter said. Deris then risen. “I will lead the Mercenaries on the right track, but be warned, Deris: if you dare betray us, you will be sent to Hades, understood?” Hunter threatened. Deris nodded. “Mercenaries are always loyal to their king, as long as they are paid.” Deris said. Hunter left, but when Crypto was about to leave, Deris stopped him. “Crypto! Do you know of the three kings?” Deris asked. “Three kings?” Crypto wondered. “Yes, the three kings... Sit down and get comfortable... This will be a long story.” Deris said.

Chapter 8:
The three kings

“Before the great invasion, there were three wolves raised by a mighty ruler. A landlord in Canada. His three sons, Muis’tinvore, Op’hille, and Az’jul. Muis’tinvore was the oldest, Az’jul was the youngest, but Op’hille was the most wisest.
When their father died of old age, peacefully in his sleep. The three sons were divided into their own ideologies, Op’hille sought peace and progression, he built his city with his followers and made allies with many neighboring cities and Native American tribes. Muis’tinvore, sought gold and riches, Muis’tinvore, after building his city with HIS followers, promised all of them that they will all be rich as long as they followed the Mercenary culture. And Az’jul, sought power and dominance, Az’jul, with his followers... Built his city for him.” Deris paused for a second. “Each of the three kings died peacefully, with a new heir to each of their thrones.” Deris finished. “Really? So... Each city was named after a king?” Crypto asked. “Yes... But I’ll tell you another story, this one being the war I think you’re familiar with... When Az’jul and Op’hille united to fight the Mercenaries.” Deris said.

“A mighty tyrant, whos name is banished from our culture, promised the Mercenaries of Muis’tinvore the best glory they can ever make in history. The tyrant gathered up the Mercenary army and marched into Op’hille territory. While at the same time, marching into Az’jul territory, he declared war on both cities. The Mercenaries put up a grand fight though, pushing to the main capitals of each city, but soon afterward, the empire collapsed on the inside. The Mercenaries were not getting paid well enough, and with the tyrant committed suicide, like a coward. Op’hille and Az’jul then destroyed the Mercenaries.” Deris explained. “Hmm... Hunter told me of this, didn’t Hunter and Rex lead the cities?” Crypto asked. “Yes, and I had to lead the Mercenaries through all the suffering.” Deris said.

Chapter 9:

Once they all returned, the Op’hille wolves were all enjoying themselves. “Sorry I ran away, dad.” Bone apologized, his ears folded back. “It’s alright, my son, just don’t do it ever again.” Hunter said, he didn’t really look like he was accepting it though. “Cheer up, Bone, your father is happy to have you back in one piece.” Will whispered in Bone’s ear. Crypto was behind them. But a wolf came running up to Hunter. “My king! Theres-” The wolf breathed heavily and rapidly. “Don’t kill yourself reporting to me, take a deep breath.” Hunter said. “My king... The Az’jul devil cats... They’re on their way with Mason leading them!” The wolf reported. “What?!” Hunter exclaimed. Hunter then reacted and glanced at a group of wolf warriors. “Prepare all defenses immediately! We must defend Op’hille!” Hunter ordered. The wolf warriors nodded and scattered in random directions. “Captain Will! I don’t wish to start a panic, but we must warn all citizens! Tell each and every man, woman, and pup to get inside the stone temple!” Hunter ordered. Will pounded hi chest in salute then nodded. Will then slithered off. “Mason is leading this... It’s been a long time since I last fought him.” Hunter said. “What can I do?” Crypto asked. “Crypto...” Hunter stared into Crypto’s green eyes as Crypto stared back. “You must stay in the stone temple... And make sure that no devil cat harms them.” Hunter said. “But-” “Crypto! I don’t want to risk you! If we are to keep the prophecy alive, we must keep YOU alive!” Hunter said. “You don’t know the prophecy says I will die on this battle!” Crypto argued. “Yes, but we cannot risk you! The stone temple is your safest bet, now, I must keep Op’hille safe!” Hunter said, moving past Crypto. Crypto stared as Hunter walked away with two wolves beside him. “I’m not backing away from this.” Crypto said to himself.

Crypto, with his blessed fur, hid in the shadows of the wall. Hunter could not see him but Will seemed he was able to. Will looked around to make sure no one was looking. Although there were many wolves lined up along the field feet away from the walls. “You sure about this, Crypto?” Will asked. “I’m sure, Will, I... I have to kill Mason.” Crypto said. “I understand, good luck, Crypto.” Will said, Will then went to the front lines with Phoenix knife.

After a few silent and intimidating moments of waiting. The devil cats then appeared above the hill top. A whole line of red and orange stretched along the top of the hill. Mason then approached Will. Once Mason was a few feet away from Will, there was a brief silence between the two. “Shame it had to come to this, Will... You could have actually lived if you just stayed with Az’jul.” Mason said. Will growled. “That Earth mother priest we saw on the field told us both of the prophecy, I tend to heed warnings... Why don’t you, Mason?” Will asked. “The prophecy is wrong! Crypto is dead!” Mason said. “Perhaps, but there may be another emerald wolf out there who will stop your tyrant!” Will said. Mason snarled. “So... If you’re not going to surrender immediately, you will die... Along with your city.” Mason said. “We’d rather die with our city then in your prison, right wolves?!” Will yelled. All the wolves screamed and yelled after Will said that. Mason smiled. “Very well, let the blood flow in raging torrents!” Mason said. Mason then turned around and walked back to the devil cat army. Will turned around to face the wolves. “Wolves of Op’hille! Hear me! Today comes a day, that Op’hille has never seen before! The devil cats of Az’jul are at our gates! With a full intention to burn Op’hille to the ground! And victory is uncertain, but remember! You are WOLVES! And as wolves, you will fight together! You will bleed together! And you will die together! As ONE! FOR OP’HILLE!” Will yelled. All the wolves then battle cried, screamed, yelled, and cheered. Several were actually hopping, with the urgency to fight. The devil cats then started running down the hill, and the wolves, followed by Will, charged into them. He battle then clashed. Blood spilled, corpses dropped, and thunder emitted above. Rain was falling upon the blood-boiling battle. Will, with his Phoenix knife, stabbed through the skull of one devil cat, then sliced through another, setting the devil cat on fire. Will was then clawed by one devil cat, Will, grunted in pain but punched the devil cat in the face. A wolf then leaped at a devil cat that was about to attack Will. Will then saved that wolf by slicing off the head of one devil cat about to bite the wolf.

Crypto, snuck around the battle. Rain poured on him but it provided a small shadow on his fur. Crypto then climbed the hill Mason was on. Mason was looking at the battle from the top, all alone. Crypto managed to end up behind Mason. “Mason!” Crypto said. Mason didn’t even glance at Crypto. “So... You are alive.” Mason said. Mason then turned around to face Crypto. The rain poured on them. “It’s time to answer for your crimes... Mason.” Crypto said. Mason laughed. “Oh no! Everyone watch out! Theres a spy here, about to attack one of the most experienced warriors of Az’jul!” Mason said. Crypto growled. Mason then battle cried and charged into Crypto. Crypto attempted to bite Mason’s neck, his teeth ended up created a huge scratch along Mason’s neck. Mason screamed in pain then growled in anger. Mason then charged at Crypto again, but this time, rather then ramming head first, Mason engaged in combat. Mason swung his claws twice, Crypto dodged both and smacked Mason’s body. Mason then stood on his hind legs and slammed his claws downward. Crypto dodged and bit Mason’s neck this time. Crypto then locked his jaws into Mason’s throat. Mason was screaming in pain. But Mason managed to claw Crypto’s body. Crypto shoved himself away, releasing his jaws. Mason rammed into Crypto, causing Crypto to fall back and roll several times before he stopped on the right side of his body. Mason laughed. “Good tricks, Crypto, I see you learned over the years.” Mason said. Crypto then stood up but Mason kicked him with his claws withdrawn. Crypto grunted in pain and landed on his side again. “Come on, Crypto! Get up!” Mason yelled. Crypto then got up and put on a battle stance. Mason put on a battle stance as well. Crypto then leaped at Mason, Mason was about to jump until Crypto then blended into the shadows. “What the?!-” Crypto then bit Mason’s neck again. Mason then fell to the grass. His breathing labored. Crypto then looked at the battle. The devil cats were fleeing! Will as approaching the hill. “Well done, Crypto... You’re bleeding.” Will said. Crypto looked down at his chest. “I’m fine, I’ll tend to it later.” Crypto said. Will nodded and glanced at Mason. “Mason, you must be embarrassed... Getting defeated by a spy.” Will said. “That-that-that is true... But my pride shall never be... Vanquished.” Mason said, breathing heavily. At random moments, Mason would gasp for air. “Mason, I’m willing to heal you and redeem yourself if you remain loyal to Op’hille.” Will offered. “Now... Will... Wait-” “No!” Mason answered. Mason rested his head along the dirt. “Give me the warrior’s death I deserve... Crypto... My old friend... Must finish me.” Mason said. There was a long and brief silence. “Your choice, Crypto.” Will said, breaking the silence. Crypto stared down at Mason. Mason stared back with blood-scorched eyes. Crypto then approached Mason. “You died with honor... Mason.” Crypto said. Crypto then give the final bite to Mason’s throat, and his teeth sunk into his throat until Crypto could literally feel his wind pipe. Crypto then pulled his teeth out and Mason died right there. The rain pouring down on them.

The battlefield was littered with corpses, both devil cat and wolf.

Chapter 10:

Crypto walked into the Op’hille barracks, every wolf in there glanced at Crypto. “Ah! Crypto, you’re just in time, come here, we have many plans to discuss to invade Az’jul.” Hunter said. Crypto smiled and approached the table they crowded. Crypto decided to look at the table in between Hunter and Catherine. “So, we’ll have an assault force going in through the front, while we have the tiger claw clan sneaking in through the back.” Hunter explained. Crypto peeked over the wolves’ heads to see the plans. “Yes, seems like a strategic plan... But what will the tiger claw clan do once they get inside? Assassinate Rex?” A wolf asked. “No, the tiger claw clan will destroy any defenses Az’jul may muster, they will blow up all the barracks, the sleeping quarters, and in case we fail... Supplies.” Hunter replied. “What if we succeed, all those precious supplies would be wasted.” Another wolf said. “Don’t worry, only when I give the signal will the tiger claw clan blow up the supplies, but they are to blow up the barracks, the sleeping quarters, and the other defenses.” Hunter said. “Why not assassinate Rex?” A wolf asked. “Rex is wolf business, the tiger claw clan will not engage Rex, but Crypto should be able to defeat Rex, according to the prophecy.” Hunter explained. “Alright! Seems like a very strategic plan!” Will said. “Ja, seems like a good plan.” Catherine said. “Alright, rally the warriors! Lets get this invasion going!” Hunter ordered.

Chapter 11:
The invasion on Az’jul

The wolf warriors all marched along the plains of Canada. Crypto, Hunter, Will, and Catherine all stood on a knoll to stare at the army march. “This is it... After so many years of war... Peace will finally flourish.” Hunter said. “You have done well, Hunter, but it’s not over yet.” Crypto said. Hunter snuffed. “True that... Oh! And nice job dealing with Mason, heard it was an intense fight there.” Hunter said. “Thanks Hunter, and it was an intense fight... But it ended with drama.” Crypto said. The final warriors marched out of the gates of Op’hille. Many wolf warriors were still posted at Op’hille though, just to keep it safe. “Look! The final segment of warriors left Op’hille!” Crypto said. “Excellent, lets get this invasion going.” Hunter said. “NOT everyone.” Someone said behind the four. They all glanced at the source. Deris was there, with Askook, Kyra, and Mako. “Mako!” Crypto exclaimed. Mako smiled and bowed. “We wish to join battle, and share blood with our allies.” Askook said. “The Mercenaries are certainly not going to back down from this fight! We’re with you, king Hunter!” Lieutenant Deris said. Kyra smiled and nodded. “The tiger claw clan will keep their promise, I see you already made plans for us, tiger claw, but I will join you in the front.” Kyra said. Hunter smiled. “You all have my thanks, today, Az’jul will fall!” Hunter said.

Jack sat in a tent, with candles shining all around him. Jack had his eyes closed and was facing the opposite side of the entrance. Rex was behind him. “Mason is dead... By the paws of Crypto.” Jack said. Rex growled. “I knew that son of a dog was alive!” Rex said. “Theres more... Hunter is coming... With an invasion.” Jack said slowly. “What?!” Rex exclaimed. Rex stood up and immediately went outside. “Prepare all defenses! Hunter is coming!” Rex ordered. All the devil cats did not hesitate to react, all the devil cats went into defensive positions, by standing outside of the gate of Az’jul, while the snakes took to the guns lined up along the walls.

Kyra, Mako, and several other panthers started climbing the walls of Az’jul, there was a deep moat but that was no problem to the panthers. The panthers leaped across the moat and sunk their claws deep into the cracks along the wall. They then started climbing up the wall.
Once they climbed up the wall, it was already night time. And the wolf army was still marching. The panthers snuck along the ground, only Kyra was on the walls. Two snakes with torches then started approaching Kyra, they didn’t see her, luckily. But the two snakes were talking to each other. Kyra then climbed off the edge of the wall and hung on. Kyra then listened to their conversations. “No, seriously! Wolves of the beyond is a very good series of books! You should read them!” A snake said. The snakes then passed by Kyra. Kyra climbed over the edge and continued sneaking. The other panthers all went inside tents, placing bombs set on a certain timer. The timers would go off as the invasion began. Kyra then snuck to the snakes on the guns. Kyra then placed a bomb in one snake’s pocket, and she did this again and again. Kyra then leaped off the wall, the bombs did not bleep, tick, or flash with red. The bombs were designed by the Smeltiers so they were silent bombs. Once the panthers were all done, the panthers quickly made their escape without even being detected.

The wolves finally made it to the Az’jul fort.

Rex stood in front of the devil cat army. “Today, devil cats, comes a day Az’jul has never faced! The wretched wolves of Op’hille are at our door step! If we are to fail, let this be remembered as the mighty last stand of Az’jul! If you are to die, I order you to at least bring two down with you before you return to Phoenix, remember: this war is about freedom, freedom for all devil cats! But if we are to fail here, the devil cats will triumph! Regardless of our defeat here! And say you wish to give up, are you really willing to let the wolves deliver you too Phoenix themselves?! Are you really willing  to miss this opportunity of joining the mighty last stand of Az’jul?!” Rex yelled. All the devil cats started yelling “no!” and “never!”. Rex smiled. “Then forward! My fellow devil cats! Forward to death! For Az’jul!” Rex yelled. All the devil cats then started cheering and screaming.

Hunter stood in front of the the whole wolf army. “Today is the day, wolves! The fall of Az’jul is finally within our grasp! This is the day all wolves, that died in battle against the devil cats... DIED for! And now, we will fulfill their hopes and dreams! We will breach that gate! We will storm the fort! And make Rex pay for his crimes!” Hunter said. All the wolves cheered. “After this! Let us hope peace will be restored to Canada forever! Op’hille, along with all it’s neighbors: the Native Americans, the Mercenaries, the Tiger claw clan, and all cities in Canada will usher in a new era where everyone will finally be at peace! Forward, my fellow wolves! Forward to victory! FOR OP’HILLE!” Hunter yelled. All the wolves battle cried and screamed.

The sun started rising above the Rocky mountains. Suddenly, there were explosions in the tents of Az’jul1 The snakes on the guns then blow up and fell off the walls, dead. The wolves then battle cried and charged up the hills. The devil cats then charged into the wolves, and battle was clashed there. Crypto and Hunter were in the battle themselves. Will was slicing many devil cats with his Phoenix knife. A devil cat charged at Crypto but Crypto jumped over that devil cat and struck down his jaw on the devil cat’s throat. The devil cat swiftly died. Will tossed a devil cat into the wall of the fort and the devil cat fell into the moat. A devil cat then leaped at Crypto but an arrow hit the devil cat. Crypto glanced at Askook who had his bow. Askook smiled and nodded. Crypto smiled back but was intercepted by a devil cat who slammed her paws down on Crypto, Crypto quickly dodged and rammed into her body.

The battle finally ended, with a high amount of wolves still alive. Will, Crypto, Hunter, and Askook were all breathing heavily. Crypto suffered minimum injuries. As for Hunter, his body as bleeding. Will had several cuts along his body, and Askook had scratches along his body as well. They all then walked into the fort. Jack was along the ground, dead, with a lot of blood covering his body. “Jack must have died in the explosion.” Hunter said. “Yes... But... Here we are, we’re in Az’jul again! But this time, no devil cats!” Crypto said. Hunter looked towards Rex’s palace, it was far away but it was vulnerable. “Rex will be our toughest fight yet, are you ready, Crypto?” Hunter asked. Crypto breathed heavily. “I’m ready... I’m ready to fight Rex!” Crypto said, confidently. Will then approached Crypto. “If you are to fight Rex, I will fight him with you, I’m right behind you, Crypto!” Will said. Crypto smiled up at Will. Deris approached them. “The Mercenaries are never willing to let their king fight alone, I’m with you, Crypto.” Deris said, nodding. “The Cree people are grateful for you aiding us in battle, I will return the favor... I will fight by your side, Crypto.” Askook said. Crypto looked at each of them. “Thank you... All of you...” Crypto said. Crypto then glanced at the temple. The palace was right there... After so many years, Crypto will finally get his vengeance... Not just for betraying Crypto... But for his parents.

Chapter 12:
The fall of Rex

Rex growled. He knew the devil cats were all dead... He was the last one remaining... Rex grabbed his eye of Phoenix and faced towards the entrance of the palace. He was in a circular room, with only one light source... The ceiling, it was all stone but there was a small circular hole that would only shine on the eye of Phoenix pedestal. Rex waited for the faces of the wolves to appear. He was a little scared, but hatred and fury burnt in him. Once Crypto, Hunter, Will, Deris, and Askook appeared. Everyone remained silent. “My devil cats have failed me.” Rex said. “No, Rex... You failed them.” Hunter said. Rex growled. “Perhaps... But I will not go down without a fight, if I am to fall, you will fall with me.” Rex said. Rex then fired a fire beam at Hunter. Hunter quickly dodged, and Askook fired a bow at Rex. Rex quickly turned into some fiery essence and started flying around the room. “What the?” Hunter gasped. Rex then appeared behind Hunter and unleashed a fire beam at Hunter. Hunter dodged it again and this time, leaped at Rex. Rex couldn’t turn into his fiery essence on time before Hunter bit him. Rex shoved Hunter off but Askook quickly lifted Rex. Making Rex drop the eye of Phoenix. “No!” Rex exclaimed. Askook then threw Rex towards the pedestal. Rex quickly recovered but Askook was already holding the eye of Phoenix. Crypto bit Rex’s neck before Rex could even react. And Rex was bleeding quite badly. Rex slumped to the floor. Breathing heavily. “Stop! STOP!” Rex yelled. Everyone gathered around Rex. “I... I surrender...” Rex said, weakly. “You will never be forgiven for all the lives you took, Rex.” Hunter said. “Perhaps... But I cannot fight you now... Do whatever you wish to do with me, I guess justice has finally claimed me...” Rex said. Rex then quickly stood upright, with huge eyes, breathing heavily... Then... His head fell to the floor. There was an axe in the back of Rex’s neck! Everyone looked at the source. It was Sku’ll. His hand was forward as if he threw the axe. He smiled then quickly ran into a nearby hallway. “Crypto! Quickly! Pursue him! We’ll take care of Rex.” Hunter ordered. “But... Hunter-” “Crypto, I have to stay with Rex. Just go!” Hunter insisted. Crypto nodded and pursued Sku’ll into the hallway.

Chapter 13:

Crypto ran through many paintings hanging off the wall. All of them of the Az’jul kings. Crypto then ran into a large circular room, a red carpet was on the ground with white walls. Crypto looked around... The room looked... Familiar. Suddenly, a wooden gate closed behind Crypto. Crypto gasped, glancing at the gate then glancing forward. Sku’ll was right there, he was leaning on a guillotine. “You remember... Don’t you?” Sku’ll asked. “It does... In way.” Crypto replied. “Yes... You do remember, you walked into this room when you were a small, naive pup. You still believed your were a devil cat.” Sku’ll explained. Crypto squinted with suspicion. “Why did you kill Rex?” Crypto asked. “That will come later... You walked into this room, we didn’t know you did... But we caught you afterwards... After we executed your father here.” Sku’ll said. “What?!” Crypto asked. “Yes... Here, your father was executed, his head rolled off into a basket laying here...” Sku’ll started laughing. “Whats so funny?” Crypto asked. “Your mother... The way she screamed as your father’s head rolled.” Sku’ll said. Crypto’s eyes grew. “You-you’re a sick monster!” Crypto screamed. “Perhaps, but still... We put your mother away, inside a cell, where we did expect her to rot.” Sku’ll said. Crypto’s eyes grew. “So... So shes alive!” Crypto exclaimed. “Of course, not, naive boy! She actually suffered a more harsh fate... You see, she attempted to escape our grasp many times, she proved more cunning then your father, but even still... She got fed to the zezoms!” Sku’ll replied. Crypto’s eyes grew then he growled. “Oh, but don’t worry, soon, you will be meeting them!” Sku’ll said.said, pulling out two swords. Crypto put on a battle stance. Sku’ll then laughed. “Once your dead, your skull... Will belong to me!” Sku’ll said. “You still didn’t answer... Why did you kill Rex?! He was your master, right?” Crypto asked. “Rex was weak! He lacked the spirit of a true devil cat! But I am Terror fold! I know the true meaning of STRENGTH!” Sku’ll replied. Sku’ll then leaped off the ground and pointed his swords downward. Crypto quickly dodged before Sku’ll put his swords into the ground. Sku’ll quickly pulled his swords out and faced Crypto, and charged at him. Crypto leaped over Sku’ll and boarded his back. Crypto then started biting his neck. Sku’ll tossed himself backwards to land on his back. Crypto couldn’t react in time and he was crushed. Sku’ll then used his hands to lift off the ground and do a back flip to stand. Crypto got up slowly and shook his head. Sku’ll then charged again and swung his twice at Crypto. Crypto broke out of his stun and quickly dodged both slashes. Sku’ll then stabbed at Crypto, and Crypto got stabbed through his left shoulder. Crypto quickly took the sword out, in pain, he quickly ran backwards. Sku’ll laughed and charged at Crypto again. Crypto dodged again but Sku’ll slashed his sword at Crypto, and got Crypto’s right shoulder. Crypto couldn’t stand anymore. Sku’ll then approached Crypto, grabbed Crypto by the chest. Crypto tried to kick Sku’ll by using his hind legs but he couldn’t. Sku’ll laughed. “So weak and pathetic! But strong spirit, you’d make a good Terror fold if you weren’t going to die.” Sku’ll said. Sku’ll then threw Crypto at a wall. Crypto, luckily, didn’t hit the wall but slid across the floor, making a small trail of blood at him. Crypto was too weak to fight now. Sku’ll then approached Crypto, pulling out an axe. “I have dreamed of this day, killing the emerald wolf! Phoenix will be happy to see an emerald wolf in the demon lands!” Sku’ll said. Sku’ll raised his axe and swung it down on Crypto. But a wolf quickly leaped at Sku’ll’s arm and Sku’ll screamed in pain. It was Hunter! Hunter let his jaw release and stood near Crypto’s weak body. “Get up Crypto, we have a fight to finish!” Hunter said. Sku’ll growled. “You will not interrupt my moment of triumph!” Sku’ll yelled. Sku’ll then charged at Hunter but Hunter jumped onto Sku’ll body, jumped off of his body. Then, jumped off the wall, and fell down onto Sku’ll, biting his head. Sku’ll screamed in pain, trying to reach for Hunter. Crypto struggled to stand up. Hunter then leaped off of Sku’ll. Sku’ll yelled. Sku’ll then charged at Hunter and swung his axe. Hunter dodged and leaped at Sku’ll, but then, Sku’ll grabbed Hunter by the chest. Crypto gasped at the sight of this and hastened himself to stand. Sku’ll then rammed Hunter into the wall. And Sku’ll pulled out a sword and shoved it into Hunter’s chest. Crypto gasped at the sight of this. Hunter screamed in pain. Sku’ll then stabbed Hunter’s stomach and let Hunter go. Hunter’s body fell to the floor. Crypto was breathing heavily, but Sku’ll spat on Hunter then glanced at Crypto. Sku’ll then approached Crypto. Crypto then started to fill up with anger. Sku’ll laughed. “You still persist? You’d definitely make a fine Terror fold.” Sku’ll said. Crypto screamed, causing the whole room to shake. Sku’ll got knocked down. Sku’ll landed on his back. Crypto’s fur turned from brown to all green. “What-what is this?!” Sku’ll asked. Crypto then started floating. Sku’ll stood up and put up his fists. Crypto then raised his paws, making air underneath Sku’ll. Sku’ll started flying in the air. Crypto then slammed his paws down and Sku’ll slammed into the ground, screaming. Crypto then made the ground itself make Sku’ll stand up, creating a prison around Sku’ll. Crypto hovered over to Sku’ll. “What-what are you?” Sku’ll asked. Crypto remained silent... It was almost as if he wasn’t Crypto anymore. Crypto then laid his paw on Sku’lls forehead. Sku’ll at first looked up at Crypto, terrified... Suddenly, Sku’ll started screaming and a very bright flash of white emitted from Sku’ll, and his scream echoed.

Chapter 14:

Crypto woke up. The first then he saw was Will. “He-hey! He’s awake!” Will yelled. Catherine, Deris, Askook, and Kyra appeared. “Oh, thank Muneb and Nepmoon! I thought, for sure, you were dead.” Kyra said. “Wh- what happened?” Crypto asked. “You killed Sku’ll, we found his bones in that room with a huge crater around him.” Will replied. Crypto blinked. “You don’t remember?” Will asked. “All I could remember was- Wheres Hunter?!” Crypto asked. Everyone remained silent for a few seconds, just glancing and staring at each other. Will then cleared his throat. “He... He didn’t make it, he bled out.” Will said. Crypto’s jaw trembled. “Bone, where is he?” Crypto asked. “Right here.” Bone replied, moving in between Catherine and Deris. “Bone, you have to be king... Hunter would’ve wanted you to.” Crypto said. Bone stared down at Crypto but then shook his head. “No, Crypto, I don’t deserve to be king.” Bone said. “Bone, you are Hunter’s son! He would have wanted you to be king!” Crypto said. “Yeah, I’m Hunter’s son! I’m the price that tried to abandon his people, the one that nearly led to the death of a whole group of wolf warriors, and the prince who ran from every fight!” Bone protested. Crypto’s stern face turned to shock. “Crypto, look at what you done! You defeated the Mercenaries, then rallied with them, you convinced Hunter to save a Native American tribe, you defeated Rex and Sku’ll!” Bone said. Everyone was staring at Bone. Bone sighed heavily, “Crypto... I think my father would have wanted YOU to be king.” Bone said. Everyone remained silent for a little while. “Yes...” Will silently said. “Yes, I think Bone is right, there is no one more capable of leading Op’hille then you, Crypto.” Will said. “Why not you, Will, you lead the defense in Op’hille.” Crypto protested. “True, but you killed Mason. I was there... In that fort...” Will said. “Fort?” Crypto asked. “Yes, I used to be a mercenary guard for a snake named ‘Huigufik’, his fort was invaded by snakes, panthers, wolves, and even zezoms! I...” Will hesitated, a tear running down his cheek. “I ran away, like a coward, I left my men to die.” Will explained. Crypto rolled off of Will’s hands then stood up, staring at Will. “I heard there was a bomb in that fort... It killed everyone...” Will said slowly. Will looked very pathetic then he stood tall. “That is why I came here, to Canada. To start a new life... But I thought serving Rex was a better cause because devil cats and snakes have been friends long before the great invasion... I was a fool to think so.” Will said. “But... Will... You changed.” Crypto said. “Even still, I was too cowardly to fight! If I stayed and fought... Maybe all those men wouldn’t have died, maybe that bomb would’ve never been armed.” Will said. Crypto stared at Will for a couple of seconds then glanced at Catherine, Catherine glanced back. “Oh no! Don’t zou dare think of me to be queen of Op’hille, I bullied my little brothers and sisters when the Pon Peters were together back in the day.” Catherine said. “Bezides, Bone is right, zou are a worthy leader, Crypto. Every zingle fight, you would always join your men, you never backed down!” Everyone nodded, including Deris and Askook. “I... I don’t think I could lead a whole nation...” Crypto said. Everyone stared at Crypto, then Bone bowed. Will turned to human form and kneeled before Crypto. Everyone else bowed, and Askook nodded. “...But I’m not willing for Hunter’s legacy to end, I... I will lead Op’hille, for everyone.” Crypto said. “Stop!” Someone said. Askook then slithered out of the way of a purple devil cat approaching Crypto. It was Jake! Crypto stared at Jake as he approached him. Jake was covered in blood made from the explosions, he was not dead, Crypto could see that now. But Jake stared at Crypto back... Then bowed. “We devil cats await our executions... We did many terrible things... But we are willing to accept justice.” Jake said. Crypto stared down at Jake. “Rise, Jake.” Crypto ordered. Jake stared up at Crypto then risen. “Jake, the devil cats of Az’jul DID do many horrible things to the people of Canada, and your are, indeed, an honorable people to accept justice... But I know the intentions of devil cats, you seek freedom from Phoenix and his tyranny in the Demon lands. And I’m not going to lend the devil cats to Phoenix, I’m willing to let you all redeem yourselves.” Crypto said. Jake blinked with confusion then nodded. “Thank you, mighty king Crypto! You will not regret this decision! We devil cats... Pledge our loyalty to you!” Jake said. Other devil cats behind Jake then bowed before Crypto.

Chapter 15:
The end of the legend...

“And so... Ends the legend.” The old wolf said. His son stared at the old wolf. “So... The devil cats... Did they redeem themselves?” The son asked. “Oh yes! They worked hard to gain the trust of us, wolves. They got my trust... For they actually helped raise you, my son.” The old wolf said. “What? Really?” The son asked. “Yes, while I was busy, they would care for you... But thats not the point of this legend... The point, was to teach you of how king Hunter died.” The old wolf said. “So... Hunter died by Sku’ll?” The son asked. “Sadly, yes, Bone is still alive though...” The old wolf said. The old wolf struggled to stand up, but his son helped the old wolf up. “I heard today is your big day... And I was hoping on finishing the story before you were crowned, king, my son.” The old wolf said. The old wolf then rested his cheek on his son’s. “I love you, my boy... You will lead Op’hille to greatness... I know it... Go now, my son... And bring Op’hille to a new era.” The old wolf said. His son stared into the old wolf’s eyes then nodded. His son then left the house, taking one last glance at the old wolf before the big moment...

Will grabbed the royal crown of Op’hille, it was made only recently, since Crypto was crowned king. Will then turned around, where the old wolf’s son was standing, looking downward from the temple onto his people. Wolves, snakes, devil cats, panthers, all crowded around the stairs of the temple. Will raised the crown above the son’s head. “Today, is a big day for Op’hille! The price of Op’hille! Son of Crypto I! Friend of king Hunter and Bone! By the name of the mighty Zarus! We crown noble price... Crypto II, king!” Will announced. Will slowly and gently placed the crown on Crypto II’s head. Crypto II then stood up and looked down at the people. Everyone was cheering and applauding up at king Crypto II. Will then raised his hands high in the air in a V shape. “Hail the new king! King Crypto II!” Will yelled. Everyone then shouted. “Hail the new king!” Then, everyone bowed before the new king of Canada!

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