The legend of Crypto

 I do not remember making this book, and when I say that. I don't mean typing in the whole book, I mean when I made it. I made this page way after the Alpha howl library released. But the legend of Crypto was made WAY back then, in 2011.

This story was first inspired by "the legend of Spyro", the name "Crypto" came from a show I haven't watched in a long time called "Crypto, the super dog." I used to watch the show back when I was about 5 but now, I no longer watch it.

Back in 2011, I didn't even know what "mercenary" meant, I just used it for the third team.

In fact, there used to be quill boars in this book. Ha! quill boars!

For Crypto three, the motivation to start it came from two sources: the first being, a final stand, a book in the Alpha Howl library, deleted itself, erasing all progress I had on it. The second source of motivation has Civilizations 5. "The actions we do today, will change the impact on the generations tomorrow..."

Crypto was actually named after the series: "Krypto the super dog".

Rex's name comes from the Latin word, rex, which means "king".

Will was named Will because in the very first version of the legend of Crypto, Will was a quill boar named "Captain Quill" and to easily transition it, the name was changed to "Captain Will".

Catherine Pon Peter was actually named after Catherine II, who was a leader of Russia, but she was born in Germany.

Askook is an actual Cree name for males.

This book hasn't been worked on for nearly two years (2011-2013) and this book had terrible grammar,

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